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We have nearly 10 Data Center distributed on all over the world. Each Data Center is operated/managed by differents teams.

We would like to identify a set of KPI's to measure and evaluate the Quality of Operations in each Data Center.

May you help me?

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards, Juan A.S. Canibano

-- Juan Antonio Sanchez Canibano (, January 11, 2001


You should check out a company called AperServ Technologies they have a remote technology that allows you to measure performance on the network, systems, and applications level. They are still somewhat secretive butfrom what I have heard they allready have a lot of the biggest companies using the technology. Their website is you may want to try and get a hold of them.


-- Esteban Villalobos (, February 08, 2001.


You can check out Blue Pumpkin Advisor Express or Enterprise w/c might help. Please visit this website



-- Avigail Galang (, January 22, 2004.

Juan Antonio Of course there are some KPIs that could help you to measre the Quality of Operations in each Data Center. And, if you have got an outsourcing or outtasker is a different situation if you deliver the operations directly by yourself (you staff, i mean).

Fists of all consider different tipes of indicators, for be more clear with you we'll follow an example. Let's think in a concrete process, for example Incident Management.

Volume /Work Indicators: Show you your process capacity and could be a measure of the work that must be done. Number of Incidents, Number of RFC. But it is imposible to modify this KPI making a good or better job from yout outttasker/outsourcing or staff. On the other hand, some of these indicators could be use for quality too (quality of the service). Most of the people think that Volume Indicators are a good quality measure; from my experience you shoul correlate this indicators with the effect-indicator. (f.e. [Number of incidents- Incidents related to users knowledge]/Number of RFC from Incident Management Process. This is a very good indicator of Quality of the service because some incidents are external to the operational level.

Efecctivenes / Staff Performance. This is the type of KPI i use to recommend to my customer to be used as a metric for internal an external teams. Number of incidents correct assigned, correct submited, correct RFC created from incidents, number of incidents solve per level. This KPIs is a measure of the good (or bad) job performance of the Incident Management Process. This team can not modify the number of total incidents; but could modify this KPIs impoving the jod they do.

Control Process KPIs. Be careful!! Some os the KPIs are Process Control too; and if you come from Telefonica sure you have got control process knowledge so, remember that is more important to control this KPIs that the Volume if you are thinking about improve control capacity, quelity of the process service (not quality of the IT service) and staff. This is because this KPI are able to generate internal demand to the process. For example; imagine if one incident is assigned to a team that is no respobsible of the second level support from first line of support (Help or Service Desk). This second level should send the incident again to the 1st level for the correct assigment. And, in a second sted, be assigned. The effect is the same of two incidents if we think in terms of internal process demand. So this type or KPIs are critical to measure youe external teams. Are very dangerous because most of the people only think in big (volume) indicetaors : incidents, number of incidents resolv per level...but in IT our processes have interconexions each with others and are ALL FEEADBACK PROCESSES!!

So; if you want more information be free to contact me (Mariano.Hernandez@Sun.COM). Just think that probably we are based in the same city. Why not a cofee to talk about this?

-- Mariano A. Hernandez (Mariano.Hernandez@Sun.COM), April 15, 2004.

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