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Hello: Can anyone provide me with a few team building exercises for my company...we will be doing this at the beach and needs to be with props i can get easily because I am in Israel and don't know my way around so well.....i have access to common things like bottles, rope, matches etc Please email your help to



-- melissa (, January 11, 2001


Melissa, get some blind folds, some string(kite string will do), two sticks(small about 1/4 inch in diameter and about two feet long) and you will need to fide two stationary objects that you can tie the string too. All other objects you can create at the beech. Now, At the beech you will need to do some preporations. Build a course that does not cross but is not straight. Spray paint works great in sand for a temporrary path on the course. Dig some small holes(about four foot long,a foot deep the width of the path. Mound some sand up in a different location on the course the same size will do. Lay the sticks down in the middle of the path in a different location about two feet apart. Take your course between two trees or two other objects that you can tie the string to. Tie one string from one tree to the other 5ft high, tie another string about two and a half feet high. In the middle of the path at the trees, tie the two strings together using two more pieces of string about 3ft apart. You will now see a box formed with the string between the trees. Pair the people up and give one in each group of two a blind fold. They will place the blind fold over their eyes so that they cannot see. At the begining of the course explain to them that the blind folded person is going to walk the course with the help of their partner. The partner can give directions but cannot touch the person. When they get to the sticks the partner will instruct them till they have both feet right behind the first stick and tell them they must jump over the second stick both feet at a time.(bunny hop) When they get to the box in the string they must direct them to step through the boxed string. When they finish, you can have them switch roles going back through the course the opposite direction. If you want, after they have switched roles and are blind folded, dig new holes and make new humps to change the course a little. They will have fun! After they are done as a group discuss the importance of working together as a team, the use of good communication skills to complete a task safely, etc.. Hope this is useful! Bruce Brock in Kentucky, USA

-- Bruce Brock (, January 14, 2001.

My boss recently held a meeting and gave us three minutes to write down the names of cars named after animals. No one was allowed to say anything out loud or look at their neighbors paper. After the three minutes she asked asked people what they came up with. People shouted out their answers and she wrote them on a board. We ended up with over 18 responses total, while only one person had seven at most, showing that everyone contributes to the overall good.

-- Michele Collins (, August 07, 2001.

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