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TLC: First off thank you for airing this show. However, I hope you realize that we don't want this show to become another monday night football. This show is very near and dear to our hearts. It was perfect from the start and needed no "tweaking." I hope you will carry the new British season of scrapheap challenge at the end of this season. I want to see american teams compete but I don't care to see them act like assholes. On another note, please limit the number of weld shots per episode. Show more of the true guts of the machines.

Watching tonights episodes I started out having a lot of respect for team Dammage. They obviously have skill but are complete buttheads about it. I was glad to see them defeated.

Anyway, before I start to ramble, I will end.

Sincerely, Zeiss

-- Paul J Handley (jphandley@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001


I just saw the dune buggy and powerboats episodes. There are notciable better than the first two episodes of the season. There is more focus on the tools and machines and less posturing and happily more explanation, but still I think a bit more could be used. George is getting to be a little better. One disturbing note though. When, during the power boats, the one team went to the other , to ask for a part, George was "shocked" because this was supposed to be a 'war' and they were talking to the 'enemy' I think this points to a significant misperception for the Season 3. Despite the name , it's not a 'war' with people hating each other, it's a competition, with people wanting to win but wishing the best for the other side. If you try to put a macho competitve slant to it, (instead of a macho- tools/engineering slant) you change the show and lose what makes it good.

So it's on the right track, hopefully it will just get better. Just keep to the basics that made it great Creative people making wondeful machines that just might work and as a result everyone learns something about physics and engineering.

-- Chris Stehlik (chrisfs59@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001.

It seems a little sad to me that there has to be two shows - one UK and one USA. I believe there was a show from the last series with a British team and an American one. I am from England but now live here in Texas and it seemed plain silly to me that for the sake of US television the producers tried to make a British junkyard look like an american one BY IMPORTING US SCRAP!!

We don't mind where the junkyard is. We don't mind if the teams are British, American or from anywhere else. I prefer Robert Llewellyn presenting but George is Cool too. What is important is the spirit of the thing - knock-about bodging and improvising, teams helping each other out from time to time, and the final triumph of seeing these unlikely contraptions actually work.

Robin Prior

-- Robin Prior (rsp_123@altavista.com), January 11, 2001.

Well, one way to change the show back to what it used to be is to e- mail any complaints. If we complain a lot about poor sportsmanship ( by the teams or the HOST ) then they will change it to get higher ratings. Personally I love the show but hate the new obnoxious host. I've already sent my e-mail, how about it guys?

-- T.C. Baker (wolf-hound@lycos.com), January 11, 2001.

What the heck happened to host Robert L. (Kryten). He was the best. This new guy, George is not appealing to the generation X'er in me, nor anyone else I would guess. Actually, he just doesn't fit. Sorry George, maybe you could try MTV instead. Also, I do appreciate that the Americans now have a chance to compete, but I agree with others that the nationality of the contestants should include a wider range of countries. Additionally, it would be a lot neater to see more "regular Joe's" on the show and less of the "Specialist" type.

-- Chris Dalton (junrwei@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001.

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