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I am a diehard fan of the show and i agree that some new challenges are needed so my idea is to have the competitors build a machine capable of crushing a car to a certain size. i know it sounds difficult but with the time limit and depending on the competitors skill level i think it could be done.

-- Tyler Hollis (, January 10, 2001


Such a great idea that someone already used it. The winners of the US and the UK already did it, it aired in the UK, but since we havenít seen who won the US yet, itíd be a spoiler. Check out the UKís website.

-- Jedediah Frey (, January 11, 2001.

i want to stablish a car recycling plant in iran and i'm looking for neccery equipment.

-- Ali Honarvar Qeisary (, March 12, 2005.

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