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I think that the guys should build a mobile cannon or tank. It has to have an engine and a firing device of some kind, it could be an air pressure cannon or catupalt or something like that. they then have to move from one launch site to another hitting targets. In summary it is a race combined with accuracy.

-- Owen Frappier (, January 10, 2001


I like the idea too, sort of like a tank battle game, build armored vehicles, and attemp to shoot each other with grapefruit, tomato, or some kind of veggie cannons while driving around on a field. The guns would have to be fired from inside the vehicle, so that no one would be exposed to direct fire. It would be good if each team could build as many guns as they want as well, so that they would have more versitile fire power, and several gunners. The old red liferaft thing that they got the stuffing box from on last night's show, that looks like a big toy top, would be an excellent for this. Might be fun.

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 11, 2001.

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