Where's the other British host and British teams?

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Deeply missing the British humor and the other British host...when will they be back??

-- Linda Nielsen (zydecobach@aol.com), January 10, 2001


Agreed! Please spare us! Gray is ANNOYING!!

-- XtAt (xtat@NOSPAM.rapidpacket.com), January 10, 2001.

its to humor a larger american viewing audience.

-- why hay day (none@no.way), January 10, 2001.

Please bring Robert Llewellyn back!!!!!! And keep Cathy. I'm american, but, sorry, he's no Robert.

-- Michelle Parvin (maddiebeau@hotmail.com), January 10, 2001.

I strongly agree with the above replies - the "American-i-fication" irritates me, and this new male host has no honest eccentricity. Perhaps I'm a Junk Yard Wars traditionalist, but the British contestants provided something different - and usually a much more cordial battle.

-- Damian Kostiuk (dkostiuk@mindspring.com), January 10, 2001.

I'm an american myself, but I lived in the UK for 4 years. I like British humor and can't stand this new guy. He's too far out there.

-- Edwin Pitzer Fisher IV (Redwaltz4@aol.com), January 11, 2001.

Lose the new guy, bring back the original guy, but lose the hyuk-hyuk- harumf-heh heh-bet-you-a-pint-o-guiness-ho ho ho-righteo-cheerio British mumbling. I was at my limit at the end of last season. Thank God for my Tivo so I could go back and listen carefully to understand enough words to cobble together some meaning!

-- Joe Internet (joe@aol.com), January 11, 2001.

I agree that some of that British mumbling made me question whether we were in fact speaking the same language. I saw the show tonight and I think George is getting a little better. The worst is when he tries to put on the fake "good ol' boy" act and comes across as an annoying, loud, moronic American. He did that a lot in the first two shows. If he cuts that out of his act completely he's passable.

-- Tom (geo5370@aol.com), January 11, 2001.

As I keep typing on this site, E-MAIL THEM AND TELL THEM!!!! The new host and format are obnoxious in the poor behavior. PLEASE e-mail them and request the old style and gentility. I have.

-- T.C. Baker (wolf-hound@lycos.com), January 11, 2001.

Are the producers of Junkyard Wars taking marketing tips from the guy who spearheaded the New Coke campaign?! WAKE UP, GUYS...ROBERT & CATHY *ARE* Junkyard Wars...Stick a fork in this Americanized shite---the show blows apes the way it is now. AND DON'T MESS AROUND WITH THE ORIGINAL TITLE THEME!

-- RC Collins (rccollins@aol.com), January 12, 2001.

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