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This struck me as a really really good thing to do for all us Konica users. I see people fleecing others on eBay for Konica manuals and figured why not provide them free of charge (on my web site, scanned pages from the manuals) for those who want to learn and experience the Konica SLR range of cameras?

Sounds like something that should of been done a long time ago eh? I have 2 different T3 manuals so I will start scanning those and I'll be putting them both up. If you have ANY manual that you would like to scan in and send to me to support this cause, please do so and I will put it up. I will also give you credit for it too. I am sure we have all the Konica manuals amoungst us all, so this shouldn't be a hard thing to do for everyone!

E-Mail the scanned pages to: michael.lepard@home.com my email address can hold 5 megabytes.

Thanks so much for your help.

I have a web page: http://frozenmoments.virtualave.net or http://photobluebook.virtualave.net that helps photographers by providing pricing and discription information to them, free of charge.

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001


Scanned manuals

Great idea Mike!

I have several manuals, plus some more specific stuff including the one for the autobellows and another for the 55mm Macro lens. Just bought a T4 manual off eBay. I don't think any of these are still under copyright protections (if they ever were). Have a couple lens brocures somewhere, too.

I'll check my files and see about getting some scans to you. (I don't have immediate access to a scanner, but may be able to get them done.)

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

Excellent support so far from the Konica community but need more still

Thanks to Bill Ericson and Alan Myers for quickly jumping on the bandwagon and offering what manuals they have to help all the Konica users out.

These manuals (when received by mail or by email) will be scanned in and offered to ALL Konica users FREE of charge. About time eh?

If you have any Konica manuals yourself (yes, you reading this) that you wouldn't mind scanning or mailing to me (I'll mail it back to you after I scanned it in) please contact me asap.

Thank you for supporting this cause.

Mike LePard michael.lepard@home.com

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

Konica Manuals

Hooray for you Mike !!!! It's about time someone said it. Let me dig through my manuals and see what I can help out with.


-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

Outstanding! Thanks for your support! Anyone else have manuals?

Outstanding! Thanks for your support! Anyone else have manuals? Please let me know asap.

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Got Adobe Acrobat Writer 4.0 today. + Who is sending what so far

1 small step for Konica users everywhere, 1 giant dent in the pocket book for me. haha.

Ok, I went out and got Adobe Acrobat 4.0 writer today, you know it costs $300? Reguardless, I have it now and just starting to learn how to use it. I will begin scanning in of my Konica T3 manual and I will post it up when I am done for all to use.

So far I will be getting these manuals (I know of):

Manual: From: Konica T3 Mike LePard (me) Konica FS-1 Bill Ericson Konica TC Frank (don't know last name) Konica FT-1 Frank (don't know last name) I know Adam Calabrese has offered a T(2) manual and Alan Myers has a few manuals as well, just need to confirm with both of them.

If you have any more manuals not listed above and would like to help your fellow Konica users out, please let me know asap.

Mike LePard michael.lepard@home.com

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001


Hi Mike,

Glad to see the good response.

Didn't get a chance to dig in the files last nite, but here's what I know & what I think I have:

1. T4 Manual (now in the mail to me, just bought on eBay) 2. Autobellows AR (pretty much covers the standard bellows, incl. lens magnification charts) 3. 55 Macro Hexanon (old version, but still correct info, incl. lens magnification charts) 4. Photo copy only of FT-1 User manual, but I think I saw someone else is contributing an original. 5. I *might* have Macro AutoRing AR/Dual Cable Release and some other accessory manuals or information/user sheets. 6. *Somewhere* I have a "middle ages Hexanon" lens brochure, circa T3 era (incl. the 2000/11 Cat, for example). I know for sure I have a "late Hexanon" lens brochure, circa FS-1/FT-1 (incl. the 21/2.8, for example).

In addition, as we discussed off the BB, I have photocopies of T4 and FT-1 Factory Service Manuals and an FT-1 service manual addendum from Berkey/Konica. Also a separate Copal shutter repair manual. I'd love to see additional service/repair info posted, especially independent technician bulletins, etc.

You know, it would be great if we could also make available some of the old Hexanon lens tests and Konica camera reviews from Pop & Mod Photo, etc, like those discussed on BB. But I know I don't have any of these myself to contribute.

I do have an interesting old reprint of a compilation of articles on how to test lenses, not Konica/Hexanon specific.

I guess these kinds of things could be Phase 2 or Phase 3 of this project. Have we filled up your server, yet?

The closet & files really need cleaning out, so I wouldn't be surprised to find a few other items. I'll let you know. (Hmmmm. Think I can throw away my tax records from 1971?)

Sorry to hear you had to invest so much in Acrobat! It's a great program though. Really useful format for things like this.

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Scaning in Konica Manuals. What I need & Instructions.

First part of this messages is for all Konica users who have a manual or a few that wish to scan them in themselves and send it to me via email.


Please scan each page as flat as you can. Save it as a 300 dpi .jpg file -- If you are using Photoshop please use the filter "Sharpen More" Send the files as email attachments to me at: michael.lepard@home.com

Second part of message is for Alan Myers -

Thanks for offering all those manuals to be added to the database, that's great! So far, you are the only one with a T4 manual (and others you listed). I have the late Konica Hexanon lens chart (doesn't have the 2000mm on it) so I can scan that in too.

The original manuals are best ofcourse, but if I cannot find someone willing to scan (or allow me to borrow) one photocopied ones are the only other option.

Would be great to scan in old lens tests, but is there anything about copyright on issues from the 1960-1980's? Any ideas on how to "get around" the issue to make everyone happy on that?

Repair manuals would help out a lot of people too, even if the whole book wasn't scanned in, but sections most used.

Acrobat was a big investment for me but I think it was a good investment to help and assist Konica users everywhere. As I mentioned to Paul I just have to put a "if you have found this manual to be useful, please consider sending a donation to.. blah blah.." haha.

Wonder if Konica would be happy about this unexpected support for a long discontinued product? Maybe it will encourage Konica to start making an SLR again, even if it is only 1 SLR to see how it goes in the market.

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Applause, Applause

Mike, Congrats on this effort. You have most of what I have so my contributions won't help much. When the going really gets tough and you can't seem to find the instructions for that odd ball item, it's good to know that Konica Photo Imageing company maintains a library of all Konica (photo) products at 725 Darlington Ave, Mahwah, New Jersey 07430. tel; 201-236-3731. There is an eight dollar cost for shipping and reproduction since this must be done manually. Then, in a last great desprate act, and only if we must; after we buy, we can always post it. Keep up the good work Bill in New jersey

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Don't just thank me, but everyone who is donating their manuals too. :)

Hi Bill (and others reading this),

Thanks for the very warm, friendly and great support on this project, if all goes well, we will have a data base of manuals that we never have to buy again, and can go back again and again to use.

Good to know there is a source to turn to if we need it at the Koinca Photo Imageing company library in NJ. Even all of us my not have everything Konica has done! So there will be some we will have to chip in and get in the future if we can't find someone with it.

Thanks for the applause, but please don't just give me applause but everyone else (like yourself) who is supporting this project too. :)))

Mike LePard

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001


Mike, Calgary Public library (the CASTELL CENTRAL branch) has a book called "The Konica book : for autoreflex TC, T3, T3(N) and A3 camera users" published by "London : Focal Press, 1978." Call #=771. 31 KON P, located on the "Main Floor N"

Check it out... :)


-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

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