Konica on eBay peeve

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Ok, I really gotta know why almost all the FT-1's and FS-1's are being canabilized to get the battery holder off and then they try to sell the body without the battery holder.

Like: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1207073674

Ok, I know the battery holders are going for crazy amounts right now (over $50USD), but really, don't kill the cameras to get it! Why kill a camera to make a few extra bucks?

Ok, I'm off the soap box.



-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001


eBay peeve

I don't know what's the attraction, but right now I'm having 2 FT-1's cleaned, adjusted, etc. at Konica and they told me that the AAA battery holders are no longer available and they are putting on AA ones for me. The contacts tend to break after the many years. Mine weren't broken yet but they said they replace them routinely!! Maybe somebody thinks the AAA ones are going to go up in value??


-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

AA Battery Holder

Not only will Konica put one on when you have your FT-1 serviced, thay have them in stock for $28.00. I found out too late, I went the long doller for one on ebay.


-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

AA battery holder... shhhhhhhhh!

Hey Frank,

Shhhhhh... don't give away my top secret source of FT-1/AA battery compartments! I understand they are down to their last 800 or 900!!

Yes, I actually did ask, the last time I ordered several. I was considering buying them all & making my fortune on eBay, since I missed out on the dot com/Nasdaq boom. It's TOUGH living here in Silicon Valley and NOT driving a Ferrari or Lamboghini, you know!

Alan Myers

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001


I know what you mean Alen I live on Cape Cod with no boat!!

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001


Maybe you ought to unload a few FT-1's at inflated e-Bay prices and get a boat!

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001


Hi Jim: My reason for sharing the information about Konica still selling the AA Battery Holders was so that other Konica users would be aware of were the best buy on this item still is, instead of getting caught up in the, (gota get one before there gone hype on ebay) as I did. Thanks for your support.


-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

FT-1 Battery Holder

Hey - Thanks for the info! I bid on the eBay battery holders but since I got a AAA one for $25.00 as a spare I refused to go much higher - $28.00 is a pretty good deal - a little expensive but not totally unreasonable. (and CERTAINLY better than what they have been going for on eBay - since SO many have showed up receintly to be bid on I bet someone went and got them from Konica and have been reselling them!)


-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

AAA Battery Holder

Hi Lee,

I'd say you got a good deal if you got an AAA holder for $25.

Actually, the AAA type seems to be turning into the rare one and probably is worth more.

Konica only has the AA type. And, although they are new, the AA type doesn't have leatherette on them (I don't know if they ever did, Konica doesn't sell it).

Personally I think the AAA type look a little nicer on the camera. And, I can see where a collector or someone with smaller hands might prefer the original type. The AAA will probably continue to get scarcer, too, since they do "wear out" in use and are more easily broken.


Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

FT-1 Battery cover/eBay

Hi Mike,

I've also noticed the FT-1s you're talking about on eBay.

But, here's another possibility.

I think that the problem is more a matter of fragility of the original AAA battery compartment. I have several FT-1s, as you know, and all but one of the AAA cases are epoxied at one corner where they frequently break. The contacts, too, can get snapped off pretty easily.

So, until everyone is willing buy a replacement before auctioning, I'll keep picking up the $35 (with shipping) deals! Heck, even if I have to put $100 cleaning & adjusting into it, I'm still way ahead of the $250 to $300 I see camera stores asking for FT-1s!

So, no complaints from me! (as long as my supply of spare AA battery compartments holds out.)

Hey, you should be using your T4 with the self-timer (so you get the mirror lockup) on those moon shots of yours, anyway!

Alan Myers San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

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