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I've been looking at these bags lately. They sell them at Magellan's and, plus there's a stand in the mall that has them. Anyone have any experience with them? I'd really like something that keeps my hands free, but offers some security. I used to use a little microfiber mini backpack, but I felt funny walking through a crowd with it on my back (too easy for someone to get into it).

Thanks! This is mainly for trips to Las Vegas, by the way. I need to carry a wallet, PDA (sometimes), cel phone, makeup bag, sunglasses, and maybe my camera.

-- Mary Gilligan (, January 10, 2001


Hi Mary;

While I've never USED one, I met the inventors and owners of the Healthy Back Bag company last year when I went to the luggage trade show. If you are wary of people going into your bag, my suggestion is to either clip the zipper pulls together and snap a small lock on it, or easier still, just take a twist tie (from a bread bag) and twist the two zipper pulls together. This way anyone wishing to steal from your purse has to stand there and try to untwist those durned things without your noticing. For that, there are FAR more unwary travelers to pick on.

Something else I recently discovered that you might like... Norm Thompson has a new bag that looks like a modified Healthy Back Pack. It's called the Save Your Back Bag, and the difference is that it is a symmetrical tear-drop shape instead of the slightly curved shape. Because it is symmetrical, you can unzip the straps from each other, and wear the back as a backpack!!! So you have a choice between wearing it as a purse, or as a backpack, depending on whether you want to be more careful and tuck your purse under your arm. Just go to their Web site at, and look for it in their Accessories category. They make these in microfiber as well as leather. I had a chance to look at the larger ones (they were sold out of the smaller ones; shucks) when I went to the Norm Thompson store in Portland (OR) over the holidays. They're well made, and I would recommend them!

-- Lani

-- Lani Teshima (, January 10, 2001.

I bought a Healthy Back Bag 2 years ago. Since I have neck, shoulder & low back trouble, I thought it would be ideal. Honestly, I *hated* it after 2 hours of use (I was already on my trip and stuck with it) and promptly returned it. I now use a light backpack that balances the weight, as my chiropractor advises. Of course, my money and credit cards are kept in a much safer place than the backpack.

-- D. B. Waldschmidt (, February 12, 2001.

Just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that I *did* get the Healthy Back Bag. I bought the smallest size in black microfiber from I liked it for my trip, especially on the plane, because it was very organized. I wish I had gotten one size larger though, because by the time I stuffed my regular purse stuff, plus my inflatable travel pillow, MP3 player, eyeshade, and a novel in there, it was pretty tight! Anyway, I do like the Healthy Back Bag for travel, though I don't think it was any easier on my back than any other bag. And I'm planning to get a bigger one for my next trip.

-- Mary Gilligan (, February 14, 2001.

I have had my Healthy Back bag for 2 years now. It is wonderful! I have the microfiber style. When it gets dirty, I throw it in the wash and then through the dryer. It still looks as good as new.

It really does reduce the feel of the load.....and I really do have it loaded. (smile)

-- Carolyn Quick (, February 20, 2001.

Hi -

I purchased one of the small microfiber ones just before my last vacation - it was amazing I carried so many things in it - and it was so organized. When I returned from my hot weather trip I could not wait to put the bag to the test with my work gear.... I never loose my keys in the bag, always know where my cell phone is and can not believe how light it is when I carry it. I also suffer from neck and back problems. I had a problem with the bag slipping off my shoulder becasue I have narrow shoulers and with my coat it woudl fall. I contacted the company and they sold me an ergo strap, which solved the problem.... I love it!

-- rae koe (, March 15, 2001.

I bought one before a trip to south central Asia. My husband and I limited outselves to carry-on baggage ONLY and the medium fabric bag plus one carry-on was sufficient for a three-week trip. I liked the many ways to tuck things into pockets and never had trouble finding exactly what I needed. My passport and $ were never at risk. The only time I had trouble with it slipping off my shoulder (I'm fairly petite) was when I carried the other bag on the same side. I would recommend them, especially for traveling.

-- Judy (, April 19, 2001.

I've carried the small leather bag every day for the last 3 years and it still looks new with the exception of the paint wearing slightly on the zipper pull. I HATE digging around in a purse looking for anything and I haven't found it necessary to do that since i began using this bag. I'm currently shopping for a larger size for a trip. I also have a problem with it sliding off my shoulder, but find that shoulder pads alleviate the problem. I still wouldn't consider any other bag! Love it!

-- P Seay (, April 19, 2001.

I purchased one of the nylon bags to double as handbag and supply bag for my photography. I made the assumption that it would last for a very long time, considering the price. I have carried it for 8 months and am very disappointed that the lining is falling apart. The bottom of one of the inside pockets went completely out and the lining near the velcro fastener is also shredding. I have contacted the company to see if there is any sort of warranty.

-- Lela McCracken (, May 29, 2001.

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