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Here is what happened:

I have a HP 6470Z (400M PII 256M mem)with a HP 8220e CD writer, another ZipCD 12X10X32 internal CD writer. Previously I played all VCDs on any of my CD drives perfectly.

During the past 2 weeks I did not use any VCD on my PC, then I found it no longer recognize any VCD discs, all of my CD drives! //cry~~~~

And all data format CD can be read fine. Writer also works, ONLY VCD does not work, for all drive, simultanuously.

My guess is some bad software did a mod to my system. Because I am always installing new softwares on my PC, I am not sure who is the bad guy, probabaly DirectCD.

But even after I uninstall all skeptical softwares, I still can not repair the system, guess it is some hardware setting changed.

Does any hero here knows where and how I can change back settings or something?

I know that formatting ther HD and reinstall the OS will repair it, I did this last year. But it is so painful....

-- Zhihao Tang (, January 10, 2001


no hero here....

win.ini check in mci extention for mpegvideo=mpg, mpegvideo=dat, etc

system.ini check for mpegvideo=quartz.dll

you need to let the system know what file extention using what codec... video/audio softwares general are really bad at claiming all file extension that pertaining to video/audio.

-- lnguyen (, January 10, 2001.

Man, you are the hero!

Here is what I see in win.ini seems I should move all those things in MCI Extensions.BAK to MCI Extensions?

And add a sentense to sys.ini?

; for 16-bit app support [fonts] [extensions] [mci extensions] [files] [Mail] MAPI=1 CMC=1 CMCDLLNAME=mapi.dll CMCDLLNAME32=mapi32.dll MAPIX=1 MAPIXVER= OLEMessaging=1 [MCI Extensions.BAK] asf=MPEGVideo asx=MPEGVideo ivf=MPEGVideo m3u=MPEGVideo mp2v=MPEGVideo mp3=MPEGVideo mpv2=MPEGVideo wax=MPEGVideo wm=MPEGVideo wma=MPEGVideo wmv=MPEGVideo wvx=MPEGVideo [WinZip] Note-1=This section is required only to install the optional WinZip Internet Browser Support build 0231. Note-2=Removing this section of the win.ini will have no effect except preventing installation of WinZip Internet Browser Support build 0231. win32_version=6.3-8.0 [Compatibility Driver] SPADRV=0x000085 [CloneCD] [Indigo Rose] H:\WINNT\iun3404.exe=1 [WindowsSniper] Configuration=3a3a5e21

-- Zhihao Tang (, January 10, 2001.

Sigh... It did not work.

My sympton is not that I can see the file but can not play it.

The problem is:

I CAN NOT SEE ANY FILE AT ALL!!! I can not even open the VCD in "my computer" at all. When I put a video CD into drive, and click the drive, it says drive not ready.

-- Zhihao Tang (, January 10, 2001.

My CD-ROMs can not read VCD any more, by some software?

-- Mr.Jacob Stephen (, January 11, 2001.

Dude! you may wish to download a PowerDVD software from i've tried their stuff and works perfectly. all my VCDs plays with my 6X CD ROM. awesome! Yahoooooooo!

-- Marvin Yu (, January 11, 2001.

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