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Here's a few ideas: 1) altitude record for compressed air water rockets. human powered compressors only, of course. This is commonly done at science olympiads in the states and it would be interesting to see how well adults would do. (unofficial world record is 1000+ feet for multistage, though that WAS NOT done by kids). 2) move ANY unpowered object a maximum distance thru the air. Teams would have to THINK, for a change, about weight, size, technique. Air cannon, trebechet, catapult launched gliders come to mind. No IC engines here either. 3) SINK something thru use of torpedoes fired from boats (no explosives, kinetic kills only). along the same lines, battling ships with compressed air bb guns (you'd be amazed at how many people do this, so there's lots of "experts" to be had) 4) indoor blimp wars, since the r/c flying episode was so unsuccessful. Blimp hanger at Moffat field could be used for U.S. version. Need a weight limit etc., perhaps compressed air bb guns or mini-crossbows for weapons. 5) who can fling an (almost) olympic standard javelin the furthest. human and gravity powered. methods could include CORRECLY built leaf-spring crossbow, super-atlatl, torsion powered cross-bow, air-cannon. Maybe one team would even think to add lifting-body wings!

-- harold nations (, January 10, 2001


hahaahahah booooonnnnneeeeeettttt baghadot

-- Grant (, April 03, 2001.

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