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Here are the current rules of this guild. I know, there's a lot, but with all of these rules, we have a very organized guild.

Basic Rules:
1. Don't attack other GoP members.
2. No muli-attacking. (multi-attack = 3 or more attacks.)
3. No multi-spelling/iteming.
4. No attacking allies or NAP's.
5. Every GoP member must identify themselves in their description.
6. If you are attacked 1-2 times, you get up to 2 counters.
7. If you are are multied (3 or more attacks, pillages, spells, items) report it to the guild leader.
8. You are not allowed to counter counters.
9. Devils are allowed.
10. Casting Armageddon is allowed, but you will not receive help from the guild.
11. Check the guild page OFTEN.
12. Respect the elders in the guild.

Rules of Engagement: (War)
1. If you are multied my a member of a guild, report it to the leader of the guild. Do NOT attack the mage or send the mage a message of any sort.
2. If an agreement cannot be made between the guilds, there shall be a war.
3. All member of the guild must participate in the war in some way.

Armageddon Rules:
1. Any member of GoP may cast Armageddon.
2. If you cast Armageddon, you will not receive any help from the guild.
3. If you are killed, you are welcomed to reincarnate as a member of GoP.

If there are any complaints and/or suggestions, please notify me.

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

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