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There appears to be some confusion here over the "new" season of Junkyard Wars being shown in the US with people complaining that they donít like the new American version/presenter and seeming to think Robert has left the show.

OK, to clear a few things up

Scrapheap Challenge(original Junkyard Wars ) recently completed its 3rd season in the UK (and I believe America as well). As it pulled in good ratings in the UK a 4th season will almost certainly be made to be broadcast later in the year. The show with the American presenter which is now also airing in the UK as well as the US is not the "new season" of the original Junkyard Wars, it is the first season of the brand new American Junkyard Wars which unlike the original is aimed at American audiences. It hasnít replaced the original- it is just that now there are now two different shows running, Scrapheap Challenge(original Junkyard Wars) and Junkyard Wars US, one hosted by Robert, one hosted by George. George is not the new presenter of the original Junkyard Wars, just the American one. Robert, unless occupied by the new Red Dwarf film will present Season 4 of Scrapheap Challenge(original Junkyard Wars) later this year and if he is otherwise occupied presumably another Brit will step in.

All you have now is an extra show to enjoy until the 4th season of Scrapheap Challenge(original Junkyard Wars) starts. The new Americanized version has not affected the UK version one bit or when it is due to be recorded or broadcast. As we in the UK are getting to see your American version as well as our own I assume you will also get to see the next British season when it is made.

I guess this confusion has arisen because Scrapheap Challenge was re-named "Junkyard Wars" when broadcast in the US and rather stupidly the new American show is called exactly the same name with nothing to distinguish it from the original show. --

Just finally a question;

Just curious as to what viewing figures do either of the Junkyard Wars get in the US? Scrapheap Challenge regularly pulls in about 2.5 million a show in the UK on Channel 4- I havenít got figures yet for the US version.

-- Dave Stevens (, January 09, 2001


Don't know the ratings JYW's is pulling in, although I am curious myself to find out. Whatever it is keep in mind that its not being broadcast on network television, but rather TLC. TLC is a cable channel that people pay for and is not even available in many places of the country. Keep that in mind when someone finally does come across the numbers. However, the show has quickly developed a loyal core of viewers and is getting more mainstream notice.

-- Tom (, January 09, 2001.

We get it on sattelite here, so it's everywhere.

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 09, 2001.

I'm in ohio and I just love it! I'm going to try to put together my own team!

-- Aaron M. Brown (, January 11, 2001.

The American version is not as good. I think the chemistry between the UK hosts is one of the biggest reasons for the show's success. By creating a different version, that is less entertaining, you risk losing ratings. Viewers who see the American version first may tune out. Such viewers, who would otherwise be fans of the UK version, may be difficult to regain. I wouldn't miss an airing of the UK show, but my interest is fading.

-- Scott Grant (, January 11, 2001.

I have to agree, I much prefer Robert over George. He was much more entertianing to listen to during the building process. I disagree that George's lack will turn people off from the show. My husband and I watch them avidly and just tune out George. If you could get Robert to do the American shows as well, it defiantly wouldn't hurt ratings. There are alot of us Americans who remember him from 'Red Drawf'.

-- Pamela Kelley-Glaskowsky (, January 11, 2001.

Okay, not that I'm complaining about having two shows to watch, but this is what I find insulting. As you say:

"The show with the American presenter which is now also airing in the UK as well as the US is not the 'new season' of the original Junkyard Wars, it is the first season of the brand new American Junkyard Wars which unlike the original is aimed at American audiences."

Now, how clueless do these people have to be to take a great show, and create a version of it designed to appeal to American audiences, yet which clearly appeals LESS to them? And what does it say about what they think of us that THIS is what they think we want?

-- Eric (, January 11, 2001. for ratings......i dont think anyone will have an idea as it is broadcast on cable tv as alluded to in an earlier post....i really cant help but think that if it were broadcast on national TV...that it couldnt help but hit cult status rather quickly! the only benifit i see from an american version is more shows per season..production costs here in the states has to be astronomical due to the greedy labor unions involved. as for the hosting issue that no one seems to be able to accept.....GET OVER IT! you didnt have any say in the decesion making process...and never will!...its all money driven! compromise is to have 2 from each side of the big pond per episode!!!

-- tim (, January 11, 2001.

Well, this certainly answers a lot of questions regarding the different series Scrapheap Challenge and Junkyard Wars (I agree it was a bit stupid to not make any effort to distinguish between the two series versions). It's also good to know we'll be seeing Robert Llewellyn again. I suppose George is OK; I don't hate him or anything like that, but I like Robert's style a little bit better. But knowing we haven't lost Robert forever makes it a little easier to accept George.

At least we still have Cathy.

If I have one complaint with the all-American JYW, it's that the challenges don't seem to be all that variable. I know this could be premature, since we've still got the rest of the season to see, but most of the challenges I've seen so far involve building vehicles and racing them or hurling pumpkins. I'm looking forward to the rocket challenge in the round-one finals, but it seems that JYW-USA isn't really stretching itself the way Scrapheap Challenge did. My favourites in that series were the wind-powered coffee grinders, the demolition machines, the combine-harvesters, and the bridging machines. Eccentric and unlikely projects and outside the normal box of different sorts of transport or hurling machines. JYW-USA needs more of this.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to future episodes of either series, no matter who's host.

BTW, any word on whether the previous season will be rerun?

-- Patrick Degan (, January 18, 2001.

Remember this is basically the first season in the US. So be sure to use the figures from the first season of Scrapheap in the UK... Just to bring everyone into reality!!! For everyone one who whines about a show that doesn't cater to thier specific needs....for every ONE of you, there are hundreds of kids in schools watching this show and doing cool engineering projects based on thier knowlege from watching this show. There are millions who learn from the info the show puts out, not worrying about the host or the style of the show. There are hundreds of people saying..."Man I would love to take a crack at that Junkyard, I could do that!" Someone recently said on this site, that a tv show should cater to everyone who watches it. Bullshi_! I like Sienfeld....... alot of people don't.......... They don't watch it....... I do....... If I didn't like it, I wouldn't keep writing to the show trying to get them to change it. "Hey Sienfeld!!!! I don't like George Castanza!!! If you don't get rid of him....I,,,I,,,,,I,,,,am going to protest by boycotting"!!!

-- Frank (, January 18, 2001.

The new host is annoying, however, the worst aspect of the US version is that everything from the format to the pacing is geared "to appeal to the US audience". Plainly put, the new version is sub-standard accross the board and re-placing the host will not fix the problems that exist. The population that forms a core fan base in the US does not need a format tailered to what some media consultant thinks the US market requires. The US market HAD a single show that was innovative and managed not to insult the intelligence of children or adults while still being educational and funny.

The original is just fine, thank you. Please, please, please, give it back!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Garth Womack (, January 24, 2001.

Don't watch and shut up...It's simple!

-- John Gap (, January 24, 2001.

Now there is an in-depth, well considered, analytical observation!

-- Garth Womack (, January 25, 2001.

I really don't understand all this bickering from the Brits. Sounds like your jealous of the americans - AGAIN.

The american version is exactly the same as the british version. It is the same junkyard and the same production company producing the show. The only differences are american builders and a american host. If you don't like the new version then send Cathy a note and tell her becuase she is producing BOTH shows!!

All this talk about the junk being easier to find for the americans and the builds are the same as the british shows is stupid.


-- Danny (, July 13, 2001.

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