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if any one knows reasons for Poe's fascination with gloom and death, please let me know. that and what other writers thought of hom and his writing. thanks

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001


I've heard (and they don't know this for sure) that Poe was bipolar. This would have definetly contributed to his facination with the morbid, but also he experience a lot of death in his life. The death of his parents and the death of his young wife Virgina with whom he was so in love. He also didn't handle alcohole very well at all.

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

Corey- You are queer. We did a search for your name on Yahoo, and this came up. Edgar Allen Poe was queer too. He's probably bangin Bill Shakespeare right now. Watch out, he's right behind you. Him and Tom. and Kellen. Later.

-- Anonymous, March 06, 2001

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