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Tongans, Ancient Hawaiians, rural Filipinos and many other Pacific Rim cultures have consummed and currently do consume dogs as a part of their cultural cuisine. CELEBRATE CULTURAL CUISINE!!! EAT DOG MEAT!!! Anyone interested in helping to operate a multi-cultural booth that cooks and gives away samples of dog meat at some upcoming fair (i.e. with different recipes and histories explained for each region), please e-mail me. (How 'bout Garlic Dog at the Gilroy Garlic Festival or Dog-On-A-Stick next to the Corn-Dogs at the county fair?!). I'll host a private dinner party prior to our public event, featuring Hawaiian Huli Huli Dog, Tongan Dog Lu, Thai Dog Satay, Filipino Dog Adobo, and Chinese Stir-Fry Dog,(Maybe Japanese Dog Brain Sushi?), and any other styles you can suggest. And no, I'm not THAT Bill Gates.

-- Bill Gates (Bill_Gates_WA@msn.com), January 09, 2001


I can contribute 3 dogs - just give me 4 hrs notice.

-- Kama Sutra (god@heavens.net), January 15, 2001.

Asso! I rike flied lice learry, rely, rely much. U rook nice 2. Sank u! BT

-- Bucky Toofiss (hui@hilo.net), April 08, 2001.

Let's start with chihuahua appetizers then we'll roast a black lab (their "spicy" meat is the tastiest) lechon style complete with an apple in its mouth. Don't forget that brown gravy that closely resembles bulus a.k.a. "Hershey squirts"!

-- Mike Hunt (rusholmeruffian_nj@yahoo.com), July 15, 2001.

Lap dog. Gotta be lap dog. Me and my buddy Spuds porked one of them fancy littlebitches all over the neighborhood. The best part? She smelled just like her mistresses twat, especialy her breath. Oh, eat it....nah, Spuds would though, even if she had the shits.

-- Benji (Yeahright@aohell.com), July 20, 2001.

Found this while i was looking for information on tongans eating dogs..

any body that eats dogs is sick

email me and we'll arrange for your personal beating

-- found this (kidicarus18@yahoo.com), February 15, 2002.

Wow...I'm Filipino and this has to be the dumbest comment I've ever read....

-- Michael Santiago (losangelino2003@yahoo.com), October 10, 2003.

Wow...I'm Filipino and this has to be the dumbest comment I've ever read....kinda funny though....thanks for the laugh....

-- Michael Santiago (losangelino2003@yahoo.com), October 10, 2003.

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