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Just Wondering If Kevin Haynes is stil out there & if he knows the Serial Number you have to enter at setup to continue installing WinnonCD 3.7(power edition) from the url he gave?Sure Would like to have it kevo if you know it Thanks, please help

-- Jack Frio (, January 09, 2001


Jack, check the text file in the main directory when you unzip. Instructions there.

Oh, okay, here is the info you'll find there:

Win On CD 3.70.527 Power Edition Serial: 01946-71450752m

Installation Note:

1) setup.bat 2) ARTWORK, CD AUDIO DATABASE and PHOTO ALBUM BACKGROUNDS have been removed: Deselect them during the installation ! 3) When ask for driver disk, push BROWSE and select the "DRIVER" dir.

-- Kevo (, January 09, 2001.

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