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Dose anyone know what a Sigma SF (soft focus) lens is? I wone A T4 on ebay and there is one coming with it? I have two other Sigma's but have never herd of a soft focus.


-- Anonymous, January 08, 2001


Soft Focus Lens


Haven't seen a Sigma soft focus lens, but a company named Sima used to sell one. It's a pretty cheap affair with a T-mount base, probably just one or two elements, and a push-pull arrangement for focusing. I sold one on eBay a few months ago, but had never used it. I believe they were sold in the 70s for soft portrait photography. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that is what you're getting. Mine sold for about $30.00, more than many Konica lenses are going for in this "overpriced" market I've been hearing about.

Good luck,

Fred M.

-- Anonymous, January 08, 2001

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