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I'm looking for a larger tripod to steady my big green Calumet 8x10, and I'm looking at a Bogen 3046 tripod with a 3047 head. Anybody on the list use this pairing? Any advice pro or con?

As always...thanks in advance! Bill

-- bill youmans (, January 08, 2001


I use that combination for my 4x5, and it's overkill for me. The legset can surely take your camera. The 3047 head (16.5 lbs) is not rated for as much load as the legs (26 lbs), so if there's a weak spot, it's the head. The 3039 head is rated for the same 26 lb load as the legs, but I recall that there is a big price jump between the 3047 and 3039.

I find it to be an economical and sturdy combination if backpacking is not your goal. The 3046 has nearly the best, if not the best, load to self weight ratio of the Bogen aluminum tripods, and I liked it because it was tall enough to use without extending the center column. (If I were a weight reduction freak, I'd look into cutting out part of the center column.)

My only problem is keeping the camera from twisting on the tripod plate. I haven't spent any effort looking for a solution, though.

-- John H. Henderson (, January 08, 2001.


The 3047 head isn't strong enough for this camera. I tried a 3047 with a B&J 8x10 (similar weight as the Calumet C1). The settings slipped under the force.The problem is getting enough clamping force to offset the torque caused by gravity.

Try the 3057 (loads to 22 pounds) or 3039 heads (loads to 26.5 pounds). They are both recommended for 8x10 by Bogen/Manfrotto. I just bought a 3057 head for my 8x10 (newer Calumet/Cambo), though I haven't mounted it yet. If you can dedicate a head to 8x10 or 8x10+4x5, the 3057 is a better choice, I think. The 3039 handles slightly more weight, but the plate is smaller, and the controls look more designed for MF cameras. If you have to have 1 for large, medium, and small formats the 3039 might be a bit better compromise.


I have 3046 and a set of Ries wooden legs. I don't think you'll have any problem with the 3046, but I like the wooden tripod better. It's much nicer to use in cold weather, and much stronger.

Recognize that with the 3046 you can't set each leg at a different angle. If you have difficult terrain, this could be a limitation. I recommend the 3036 legs instead for Bogen. Same load capacity, but you can set each leg independently. But, pound for pound, a wooden tripod will always carry more weight than an aluminum one.

-- Charlie Strack (, January 08, 2001.

I have that combination [for 4x5] and love it. One suggestion: get the extra leg set. Besides allowing individual leg settings, you get a lot more height.

-- Alec (, January 08, 2001.

I use the 3410 (329) head on a 3036 legset. I picked up this set to move to 8x10 (hopefully soon). My head might not handle the Monster, but has a higher rating than the 3047 and is about the same price. I've had it for six months and apart from not liking the square QR for some things (not ideally suited to my MD-4) it's performed very well.

I definitely recommend getting a legset more adjustable than the 3046. The 3046 is cheap and light, but I didn't get it because I photograph from inclines with some regularity and I'm one of those folks who tends to hang 4x5s from the bottom of their tripods -- the 3036 is better for these uses.

-- John O'Connell (, January 09, 2001.

Bill, I have a Calumet C-1, and the 3047 head (which I have) is definetly not enough for this camera. There's a lot of wiggle and waggle on it. It takes my breath away every time I use it. I plan to purchase a heavy duty 3057 head.

-- Ben Calwell (, January 09, 2001.

Bill, Six months ago, when I got my Tachihara triple extension 8x10 (just over 12 pounds vs. just under 10 for the double extension), I had to make the same decision, eventually settling on the 3236 (3036) legs and 3057 head. With previous posts, I liked the 3036's mid- level bracing system giving different angles of spread for each leg plus the 73.2" of height without using the center column. The 3057 has the big 3297 4x4" plate, but sometimes I wish the controls had longer handles. For what it's worth, Manfrotto recommends both for 8x10. The outfit is heavy but my wife and I work together and we never intended to venture far from our car in the first place. Very steady system. Good luck. Nick.

-- Nick Jones (, January 09, 2001.

The Bogen 3047 is too weak for 8x10. I like the Gitzo 1570M low- profile head for 8x10. It is light (less than the Bogen 3047) and supports 26 lbs. It works fine for me.

-- William Marderness (, January 09, 2001.


I use an inexpensive surveyor's tripod with a 3047 head to hold my B&J 8x10 and it's very stable. While over kill for 4x5 and not ideal for long jaunts in the field, it can be done.


-- Pete Caluori (, January 10, 2001.

I use a Bogen 3047 for my Deardorff 8x10 on a 3046 tripod. But I bought a larger mounting plate, maybe it's for the 3057, and that makes the outfit much more secure.

-- Bruce Schultz (, January 10, 2001.

Correction: I have a Bogen 3036 tripod.

-- Bruce Schultz (, January 10, 2001.

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