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Maybe we could enumerate the characters and thereby learn more about them and their fictional predicaments. Maybe set up a reference thread for users of this board. Good idea or too methodical for a living, breathing work-in-progress?

So far, I am aware of three characters: Tim Porell Buck Jesse

The only one I have any information on is Jesse, and I'd be glad to share.


-- Emmett Meek (, January 08, 2001


I have information on Lucy... She's an exotic dancer (we prefer that term to the more vulgar "stripper." Actually, she's an ex-exotic dancer, as she recently quit her job. She also does some sort of computer-related work, and she thinks Jack is hot.

-- Aimee Hall (, January 08, 2001.

I’ve got Tim, Buck, and Barb . . .

“My” Tim is in his car (which seems to be quite dirty by the way) originally driving in the Virginia area and now headed through Pennsylvania toward Ohio – looking for a college buddy Buck Alvarez. He is trying to find either Buck or a person named Barb (she called and left a message at a hotel for Buck – this is all I know about her) at the Cleveland train station. Tim works for some sort of consulting firm.

Buck’s behavior is described as “strange” – and his days at college seem odd as he never moved closer to completing a degree and he always seemed to have money and work. Hmm . . . suspicious.

-- Stacey Provan (, January 10, 2001.

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