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Has anyone out there bought the masking kit from Lynn Radeka? His site is at

I'm thinking about ordering one but I want to see if anyone has had a negative [no pun intended] experience with it first.

Thanks for any information.


-- Jason (, January 08, 2001


Lynn uses very time tested methods to bring vitality to his images. Simple exposure and development controls can acheive nearly the same thing. But having had some fairly extensive masking training, I think his kit is a good deal. Masking changes the internal contrast of the image that can't be changed or manipulted any other way. It brings life to scenes that can't be accomplished any other way. Masking is fairly simple once you have figured out what it's used for and have a reason to use it. It isn't a panacea for every problem neg you have. I'd buy the kit for no other reason than the comprehensive instruction manual he sends you. A Howard Bond workshop will cost you $300 for a weekend and it's well worth it but Lynn's kit is worth every penny. Learn contrast masking and dye dodging and take your images to the next level. James

-- lumberjack (, January 08, 2001., January 09, 2001.

I have not seen the kit itself, but many parts of it are available elsewhere-registration pins can be had for a couple bucks, the Dennis McNutt article is online at Dennis's website

along with the plans for making a registration carrier.

I recommend searching for an electronics supplier, and you might find pins at a much cheaper price than the Milton Bregman CO, which McNutt recommends. American Circuit Technology has 1/16 x1/4 inch pins for a very reasonable price (they have a web page) but they dont carry 1/4 x 1/4 inch pins. Bregman requires you to buy a set of 8, which is basically a 4-lifetime supply.

Ansco 120 formula is available many places. I dont know what his highlight bleach formula is, but I doubt its proprietary.

You dont need Duratrans, you can buy a piece of white plexiglass for several dollars. Plexiglass is much easier to work with, but you can also pick up frosted films like Herculene at some printing or blueprint shops for a few pennies. My shop gave me a sheet for free, but I prefer the plexi.

Still, despite all that, the price doesnt seem TOO unreasonable for putting everything together in one package including instruction.

-- wayne (, January 10, 2001.

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