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Eric Neal Young is the Director/Producer of this film. Recently, after many efforts of searching for this film, I recieved a letter from him stating he was informed of my inquiries regarding Breathing Hard. He said it isn't available commercially yet, but he is sending me a copy, to view, with a request I list my viewer comments on the Internet Viewer Database ( After I got up off the floor I immediately sent a thank you letter and am now anticipating this films arrival!!! I also informed him I am going to share my comments of this movie here as well. An interesting side point, he wrote me back letting me know the movie will be in the mail in the next week or so, and that John Lee and Denise Poirier are in the film, (oh really?!!) He then stated that Matt K. Miller, who played in several Aeon Flux episodes, is also in the film. Can anyone identify who Matt K. Miller plays in the series?

-- Barb e. (, January 08, 2001


This movie is still waiting for someone to back it for distribution I think, a concept I'm not totally sure of. The movie is complete and ready to place into theatres, which I think means needing a someone to promote it, a backer who through advertising leads the public to the watering hole, now made thirsty through advertising. eg: here's the guy slipping on a banana...don't you want to see what happens next?!!!

-- Barb e. (, May 06, 2002.

Wow! You scooped me on this one, Barb; I'm pleased you're getting a copy, of course, but when is the release? Have any distribution deals been inked? (I know they will be, I'm just anxious to see this film).

-- Paul (, January 09, 2001.

He says it isn't commercially available yet. That's all I know, but I did ask him to let us know. I'm anxious to see it too, I believe John Lee assisted to write this film, as well. Now that's thrilling!

-- Barb e. (, January 09, 2001.

Hello! I know I'm sort of catching the tail end of an earlier conversation but please, please, please tell me, you're talking about an Aeon Flux animated Film? I am a die-hard fan of Frau Flux and this is a great scoop. Thanks, Jessica

-- Jessica Teal (, January 10, 2001.




-o--- back----o-

-- William (, January 10, 2001.

Jessica, hope you're aren't disapointed, but no, this isn't about an animated film.

-- Isis (, January 11, 2001.

Whoops! :) Still a good read!

-- Jessica Teal (, January 11, 2001.

Isn't it great they're in a movie together though? I am hoping it will be out soon!

-- Isis (, January 11, 2001.

Here are some of the answers from Trevor Goodchild himself, John Lee a.k.a. John Rafter Lee.

About the feature film "Breathing Hard". Yes, it's directed by Eric Neal Young, written by John Rafter Lee, co-produced by them and starring John Rafter Lee. No, it's not an Aeon film. It's about a struggling writer in Hollywood who ends up driving a crazy old lady around on her errands and is based on my life in L.A. It does not have distribution yet but is showing in festivals.

Next up: Texas Film Festival at A&M University, College Station, TX. Eric and I will be there. The screening is Saturday Feb 24th at 3pm.

TamBay festival, Tampa Bay, FL. Date not set, March sometime.

Screening in Seattle May 23rd Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle Central Community College, Broadway on capitol Hill.

There will be more - probably New Haven in April, Utah in the Fall.

Trivia: Which character do I voice in which animated series based on a popular comic book?

Which character did I dub in which well known martial arts film out of Hong Kong?

ALSO Our company, Sparkhill Productions is setting up a website: Why is our company called "Sparkhill"?

-- John Rafter Lee (, January 30, 2001.

Is this for real?

The only answer I know is that John is a superior "Jason Wynn" on the animated Spawn. He brings perfect grammer to the table while saying, "we've been in bed for quite some time senator, might as well bend over and enjoy it."

-- Rick Mercier (, January 30, 2001.

Oooo, like the one time in a million I went to bed early and didn't check the forum! John Lee, a.k.a Trevor Goodchild, (otherwise Aeon's better half). What a voice! You can really deliver a line, we can all 'quote' you on various favorite lines from the series, but there's no 'imitating' your voice. Beauty of drama rendered in masculine low tones, I never knew sinister could sound so seductive; you are the gifted one...thanks for being Trevor Goodchild.

You forgot to list the place "Breathing Hard" will be playing in Phoenix, AZ; at my house soon! Eric just wrote to tell me the copy he is mailing me is in the mail! I am just dying to see this movie! So it's about you're life in L.A? this adds a real dimension of interest to it for me. Knew the 'spawn' answer, but don't know the dubbed voice in the martial art film out of Hong Kong answer, hope to find out. I'll try my hand at guessing why your company is called 'Sparkhill Productions' though: It will set us all on fire with great new films!

-- Barb e. (, January 31, 2001.

To John Lee: Forgot to ask, if you had the chance, would you do Aeon again?

-- Barb e. (, February 01, 2001.

Would I do Aeon again?

In a heartbeat. Peter Chung is talking about a feature film but I'm sure that the powers that be (i.e. the money people) will be looking for a box office star. Sean Connery anyone?

-- John Rafter Lee (, February 02, 2001.

oh dear, that would be a disaster, but we all know it to be the truth. My guess is Courtney Cox or Famke (Peter's choice if live action was to become reality, I hear) I don't have a preference because I am still hoping for animated.

-- William (, February 02, 2001.

MEMO TO: Chairman Goodchil

FROM: Suesuesbeo

DATE: 02.02.01


Can't you just blast the powers that be with a laser from Goodchild's Tower so then we can all just get back to the real problems at hand? Aeon surely is lurking about...You are the most qualified candidate for this operation.

Sealed and signed

Barb e

-- Barb e. (, February 02, 2001.

Ok guys, before I say anything intelligent to anyone here, I am going to confess to you something, I have received this movie in the mail, 'Breathing Hard', and I'm like totally obsessed with it. It's been too long since we've seen these guys in a movie together, and I'm like helplessly watching it again and again, awestruck. This is not the type of thing you 'comment' when you are commenting on movies, I know. But hell, the movie is great. The wonderful friendship between two men trying to make it in the difficult field of cinema, jokes about today's world that are relevent and honestly funny, John Lee's struggle to write a play that has real thought (those great insights Trevor often had) and then try and see it make it to the screen in a town indifferent to 'brains'. The main actress who is the 'aged star' is so enjoyable and rather represents 'the fading great stage actors of yesteryear, and all the other actors in it that are so well chosen. Yet the constant flashing to John Lee and "that voice" he speaks in so easily, coupled with Denise's 'presence' (you know what I mean; that woman's got 'it') I'm like a junky who hasn't had a fix in way too long...

-- Barb e. (, February 06, 2001.

You know I'll tell you something, this has been difficult for me, because I know how much you all love Aeon Flux, or, as we have all come to know her on a first name basis...Aeon. I would love to share this movie with you, and if you were my friend in town, you could sit down and watch it in my living room. But I'm not sure of the legal or more importantly the 'moral' implications of anything further. But I'd bet my last buck the director of this film, Eric Neal Young, does understand. I think he loves this series like we do, ( either that or John Lee is his brother who forces him to make movies for him) heheh. Anyhow, for those of you who are regulars to this site, and I know who you are, I would love to have you come by, sip some wine, and remember Aeon Flux! E-mail me for any arrangements, I'm serious ya know...Paul, dear, you have to stay in the dog house, cats here reign supreme.

-- Barb e. (, February 07, 2001.

Were I still living in Phoenix, I might just take you up on that... oh well. :)

-- Matthew Rebholz (, February 08, 2001.

Cats reign supreme? You don't say, neko-chan.

-- Inukko (, February 08, 2001.

Well, as I have stated in the begining of this column, I finally submitted my comments of this film to the Internet Viewers Database, and they accepted it tonight. If you want to read about it further you can check it out, see the site address at the top of the column and I hope that I have not revealed too much of the plot as to spoil it for anyone, but I sort of figure if they reviewed and accepted it they must've thought it was ok. Really this film was fascintating from several views, one because it was written by John Lee, himself, and he has informed us it is based on his life in L.A. Also it's very interesting to see he and Denise work together, in their own 'live action' film. He alludes to his play, Hitler's brain, in the film, and darn if I don't wish I could see that now, would love to know more about it. I sure hope we see more of his work. Eric Neal Young reminds me a little of the extraordinary professionalism in the arts I ran into when I worked as an artist in NYC, you just have to be stunned with the talent of this guy. In fact the whole film focuses a little on the talents of people in the arts, its ups and downs. It has multiple areas of interest to anyone interested in the business of drama and film.

-- Barb e. (, February 10, 2001.

You remember that John Lee informed us that "Breathing Hard" would be shown at the Texas Film Festival on Feb 24? Well, it seems the movie has been awarded Best Feature! Congratulations John and Eric, and thanks for giving the public a really good movie! Also, it wiil soon be going into distribution, cooool.

-- Barb e. (, March 01, 2001.

Did you guys know that John Lee's voice is also in Alexander?

-- Barb e. (, March 20, 2001.

I have just bumped into this web site while looking for info about Breathing Hard. I know John Lee from college days and its great that the film has finally come together. Its showing in Luton, England at a Film Festival at the end of this week 7th june and I am going to see it. John's staying with us before heading back to L.A.

Incidentally, the reason why the production co is called Sparkhill? Could it be because that is the district in Birmingham that John Lee comes from.


-- Roger Doddy (, June 04, 2001.

I'm so glad you gave us that answer because I've been wondering about it for months. Remember us to John it sounds like you're going to have a great time in England!

-- Barb e. (, June 06, 2001.

I'm still not sure just what this page is about or who Eric is for that matter -- I found it out of sheer curiosity since my name happens to be Eric Neal and, coincidentally, I'm a screenwriter as well. So what's Breathing Hard about? Where might I find a copy? Any guy named Eric Neal is ok in my book

-- Eric Neal (, January 02, 2002.

I have been looking for this movie on tape for... a year maybe? Why oh why does no one sell it? It totally deserves so much more hype than it got...

And John Rafter Lee in Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust is SO GREAT. If you're reading this, you're a genius.


-- skye (, May 02, 2002.

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