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Junkyard Wars is so awesome; my 7th & 8th graders all just love it. However, I wanted to rent the videos so my father could view them (he has no cable and my VCR doesn't work). The local video stores in Kansas don't have any copies.... Will they start being available in stores, like other Discovery-type shows are??? I'd love to buy or rent them.

-- Brenda Diederich (deadpeople7@hotmail.com), January 07, 2001


Go to this address,Brenda.It's actually Robert's site and has an address where to send for vids of past shows. http://www.llew.co.uk/Pages/scrapheap_content.html

-- The Zipper (abbynrml@tcsn.net), January 07, 2001.

Beware that the tape being sold is not a format used by US VCRs Edition Details: PAL format Colour, PAL

-- Ed Bireley (birelre@att.net), January 10, 2001.

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