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When will there be a kids version of the show? There are more teenagers and kids wanting to apply than there are adults- COME ON PEOPLE- LETS GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD. I think thata anyone who feels the same way should join me in a fight to get the junkyard kids on! (by the way, i am 14 year old junkie with a bad attitude towards rdf media for not getting an editon for those of us scrapheap talented. I bet my friends and I could beat some of the teams on the past seasons (not all, but some). GIVE US A CHANCE)

-- Kenny Cornett (physicsnut@mad.scientist.com), January 07, 2001


AMEN BROTHER!!!! Let the kids come on and kick some boosum! we could probably beat most of the teams, from the past seasons! Give the kids a chance!

-- Aaron Casey (gundam_wing@arcticmail.com), January 07, 2001.

I'm in total agreement. I know lots of kids who would love to do this. THere is this thing event in Science Olympiad called Mystery Architecture which I and many of my friends have been in, in which you get half an hour and a pile of junk to perform a task such as building a cantilever 4 feet tall that can support a pound out of paper clips and newspaper. Im sure anyone else who would want to do that would love Junkyard Wars.

-- john schneider (john83131@excite.com), January 07, 2001.

Ohh Yes! I would love to do that, i can weld too! If any of you need a third man, i'm your guy! I'm in 7th grade, and studying Algebra 1, so i could probabily figure out anything!

"the dude"

-- Ryley Felver (CSjACKhANDEY@aol.com), January 07, 2001.

Not likely they will allow participants under the age of 18. If they did have one, they definitely wouldnt allow you to use power tools, which would seriously restrict the challenge.

Their legal liability would simply be too high to allow juveniles to participate. One small accident and the parents would sue the producers into the stratosphere.

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-- Dan Hollis (goemon@blort.invalid), January 07, 2001.

Take the legalities and shoot them out your anus! SIGN a waiver, and they cant to do JACK. its THAT simple. Legalities will not stop us. the parents can Sign a waiver, or what ever ya call it, and then IF we do get hurt, they cant sue. Such a hard bridge to fix. OH so hard. And besides NOONE wants to hear all the legalitie crap! 8(

-- Aaron casey (gundam_wing@arcticmail.com), January 07, 2001.

Doesn't work that way. Waivers are essentially worthless. The problem isn't the parents sueing, the problem is the health insurance company. When there has been an accident, the company stuck with the hospital bills tries to recover costs. They didn't sign a waiver, can say to the penny what it cost them, and have lawyers on staff. All those "silly" lawsuits you hear about, are brought by the insurance company, not the injured party. (and if you look at the insurance contract, if you "interfere" with "cost recovery", you get to pay the bill)

In addtion, there are laws about kids and power tools.

A far better alternative is to talk your school into fielding a team in either the Science Olympiad or Destination Imagination competitions.

-- Jeff - The NERDS (dp@the-nerds.org), January 07, 2001.

In fact, it is impossible for a parent to waive away the right to sue on behalf of a minor in these United States. Your parents can sign in blood, but it means nothing to the courts. After you get graphically decapitated on television, your parents will probably change their minds about that whole 'waiver' thing, and cash in. And why not? It won't bring back their precious Aaron, but it beats a blank!


-- Derek Hart (derek.hart@sdrc.com), January 08, 2001.

What about kids taking Shop class? I work with power tools and metal every day! I also work in a garage with my dad. I have NEVER gotten hurt!, This stereotype about kids being careless with tools is crap ex. Ohh what does this do?

-- Ryley Felver (CSjACKhANDEY@aol.com), January 08, 2001.

oops, pressed enter,

What about kids taking Shop class? I work with power tools and metal every day! I also work in a garage with my dad. I have NEVER gotten hurt!, This stereotype about kids being careless with tools is crap ex. Ohh what does this do?, Dont touch that billy, your not my boss i can do what i want, Shiink! hand on the floor. This is stupid, kids are more careful that they think.

-- Ryley Felver (CSjACKhANDEY@aol.com), January 08, 2001.

FOR ALL OF YOU IDIOTS WHO SAY WE CAN't BE ON JW BECAUS WE ARE TOO YOUNG- then why are the producers saying that there may one day be a show fot kids? THERE ARE NO LAWS ABOUT KIDS AND POWER TOOLS- YOU ALL STUCK UP ADULTS ARE AFRAID THAT US MINORS WILL BEAT YOU!!!!!! I would bet money that i am better with power tools than any of you losers who complain about it! Just because you hurt yourselves with saws doesn't mean we will! EVEN MORE SO- why would i do something at school when i can do on TV? I want to stay away from school as much as possible. If it would make you all over 18, crusty, self wound inflicting, PMSing, IDIOTS feel better, why not let us kids have adults on the team do all the power tooling? Personally, i would rather design a machine and pull junk apart from the heap than weld and saw... OK??????????? WE don't care what the old folks say, we are just as capable and if the insurance is the problem, how can rdf say they are going to make another show for kids? REDA THE PAGE ON HOW TO SIGN UP IF YOU ARE TOO INTO YELLING AT US TO NOTICE THAT!!!!!! Try and tear me down and i will come back stonger each time..... our team when assembled will the called the "ARCING ANGELS" played on a parody of arcing electricity for those of us who can weld, and arch angels who described in the Bible as being defeated once, but coming back with 1000 times their original strength- we haven't been beaten yet, so look out (for those of you who think this is an idle threat- try me........................

-- Kenny Cornett (physicsnut@mad.scientist.com), January 08, 2001.

I know a lot of kids who would be great on this type of show, however they are not allowed to participate. The age limit is 18 period as stated several places on this board. I started welding on race cars when I was 13, 43 years ago. At that time I could get away with a lot more than kids can today, I feel for you, honestly. I hope something like this is around when you are old enough, it wasn't when I was younger. Organize something with your friends, or at school through the shop classes or science dept. most of all have fun while you can. JustJay

-- justjay-Captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (justjay@neo.rr.com), January 09, 2001.

WOW, Kenny sure is an unhappy little man isn't he. But he is right, it would be a good idea to get an attitude like his involved with dangerous power tools, I don't think he would hurt anybody, he already seems to know everything. He knows what laws do and do not exist. I just hope he can contain his anger long enough to fill out the application without so many spelling errors. What Kenny fails to realize is that they producers may plan on making a kids oriented show, but the law would forbid the show from being a true copy of the adult version, ie. power tools and dangerous machinery. But they probably could make a nifty clock.

-- www.geocities.com/kablamotheclown (kablamotheclown@yahoo.com), January 09, 2001.

OK- i have an attitude.... i didn't mean to lash out at the people who criticize us, but we need to hold our ground, or make some up. I am sorry that i was so angry sounding and i apologize to all of you who were offended. I feel that younger kids need in on this. If we get our schools to do it, then where is the fun in that? The TV show was made to not only show off the wits and insane properties of junkyard talented people, but also to show them having fun. Thre has not yet been a show where the people have killed each other in anger (they have come close on the dragsters/hotrods {whatever you call it} show with the driver of the one team). Why can't kids have fun too? I have fun at school, but i don't want to bring my hobbies to school. I must say that i am getting responses that i never dreamed of.... both good and bad. There are more people than listed here that i have contacted and i am trying to get in touch with another media company to make a show similar to JW only for kids. I am trying to get in touch with comedy central to see what they think- they let children drive robots on battle-bots, why can't we go to the "yard." Comedy Central's battle bots specifically says that anyone is permitted as long as there is a person of legal age. Why can't the minor teams have an adult on the team use the tools? Or why can't a team have a kid on their side to help them design and build and stuff, but not touch the tools, scince that's what got everyone so mad at each other. I understand that after my previous comments i really don't deserve to get on the show, but i won't give up. I am still part of the Arc Angels... and WE WILL PREVAIL

-- Kenny Cornett (physicsnut@mad.scientist.com), January 09, 2001.

look im 15 almost 16 i have helped rebuild cars with my dad i know how to use power tools and welders i love building stuff out of junk i built my go-cart and i have a team of friends that want to be on too I THINK THE SHUOLD HET TEENS ON THE SHOW FOR STUFF THATS NOT TOO HARD sorry i cant spell too good!

-- sasha (sasha7659@aol.com), January 10, 2001.

okay i am a frekin smart 15 yr old here. i can do anything that a adult can do so i find it discrimitive that the show would not let the youth participate. my qualifications are hrm lets see

1. 15yr old college student 2. calculus 2 mth calss 3. can do any auto work 4. a systems admin for a college(hardware too!)

i even have modified an os (linux) to work on hand-healds and designed a reeeeeallly slow modem from scratch. so dont tell me that waiver shit i sould be on too! btw dont most american schools when you participate in shop, field trips ,etc. have thier parrents sign waivers. its worth thinking about.

ps bring back the english guy

-- ben cortez (starworks5@yahoo.com), January 11, 2001.

I think the team i have created could give thos 30-40 year old a run for there money i know how to build a car from the frame up not to hard im only 16 my parents would sign a waver to cuz the show kicks ass and serves as a good learning experice.....

-- marc hampton (killer32@rocketmail.com), January 11, 2001.

I think that if you are at reasonoble age (13-17) you should be let on to do JW. Heck me and my dad have done tons of stuff. Any where from addding a room to a house to fixing an 89' pontiac grand dam. They could at least let us have 1 parent and an expert to make sure everything is done right and carefully. Personally i have used a few power tools and have never got hurt. So just give us kids a chance, bet we could at least out do BOWSER and THE FILTH(I think that was their name any way).

-- NO TELLIN (nah8513@yahoo.com), January 11, 2001.

Sorry misspelled my E-mail up there. it is NASH8513@yahoo.com

-- (nash8513@yahoo.com), January 11, 2001.

I can't believe how pissed off these kids can get! Its crazy for them to make statements like "I can do anything an adult can do!" The fact is that no, they cannot do everything an adult can do. There are still lots of things that children aren't good at, such as: planing ahead, compromising even if you don't agree with the idea, flipping over cars to get at items that may be underneath them, following safety guidelines, etc. It is not my intention to be mean, but i don't see why these kids can't just screw around in their garage building their own projects for a few more years and then go on the show. I think they would make much better contestants in the future if they had more expirence working on their own for now. -kevin P.S.I'm not some old man who hates kids, I'm actually 15 myself.

-- Kevin Rennie (kevins_soul@hotmail.com), January 11, 2001.



I think that its very cool... I know alot about cars and alittle bit about boats and i think that they shuold have a show about car mechanics... Luis

-- Luis Angel (prcrew87@yahoo.com), January 12, 2001.

YEA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON

-- Billy Kellar (BillyK285@AOL.com), June 26, 2001.

Well, i agree with both sides of the argument. i think kids should be alowed on a program of this nature but with the projects scalled down. Instead of building amphibious(i have no clue how to spell that word) vehicels, they could build something like a moter boat in which they could race. I think the reason that kids can not apear on this shows is a resualt of the Lawsuit happy people tht live in this country. You cant even join a Basketball team with out your parents haveing to sign some sort of waver let alone takeing part in a show that involes power tools, building complex vehicals, and Pyrotechnics and other rocket parafanialia. I would be more han hapy to see Teenagers appear on this show or a show like it. we will just have to wait and see though!

-- Scott Rothwell (Monkey_Boy22@hotmail.com), June 26, 2001.


-- Ryan Carr (goleafsgo_12@hotmail.com), July 09, 2002.

Yea im 11,and i know more than a average 8th grader about Pyro,cars, and most science realated material. THis sucks!!!

-- Blan (NoName422@hotmail.com), July 12, 2002.

i agree that junkyayrd wars should have a kids version because i am sick and tired of having people say kids dont amount to any thing so i am 14 and have been watching since beginning

-- robert k (rkhyper@kilroycentral.com), July 25, 2002.

im starting to build a gocart with a 5 speed and a 20hp motor off- road going to make a custom exhaust pipe too back to junkyard wars kids chould bet the crap out of every one im 15 i wont ot be on the show

-- David Hanby (98_custom@cheatcc.com), October 19, 2002.

hey i think there should be a junk yard wars for kids over 12 they should be 12-18 and i bet we will make cool things because w have good imaginations for this and i work with power tools and i go to my dads garage and i do not get hert and it would be fun so they shoul make one for kids.

-- Brian (Riceburner7755@wmconnect.com), October 22, 2002.

well i am 15 and love building things.ANYTHING.Lately I have been working on a steam engine.I think that the producers have good reason to consider it but I din't think that I can do everything an adult can.Just like lately I started building this steam engine without thinking it is turning out ok but I did run into problems because of it.

-- james carpenter (jacarpenter@tampabay.rr.com), December 07, 2002.


-- Tyler (t_pickett05@bu-internet.se-webster.k12.ia.us ), December 12, 2002.

i agree with all that was answered. i loved the show too but i think us kids will enjoy having our own chance to use our ideas and stratigies too.

-- Mario Miller (~~~~8@earthink.net), March 11, 2003.

i dont know about you guys but i'v been watching a show called "operation junk yard" and it claims to be produced by TLC the contestants are kids and they weld and use power tools although none of their projects use engines the show is pretty cool. now that this is all over maybe tou should try and get kids on the show monster garage man those projects are f#cking sweet well good luck !!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@#######$$$$$$%%%%%^^^&&&&&*****((((()))))_+!!!

-- matt(gearitup startitup)cooper (suzz@earthlink.net), April 05, 2003.

Yeh it sucks that this Operation Junkyard dosn't use engines. I mean wat's the point!? Where's the fun

-- Dean Surds (deansrds@aol.com), April 15, 2003.

Ok, thats great and all but i cant find where to sign up and other CRAP!!!!! My GOD HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO SIGN UP!!!! My friends could could probably make anythin, we just need the parts. paint mines, guns, the problem is that we can only use paintball crap (even when we go shootin some rabbits, deer and people, and tresspassing dogs lol. c'mon people, kids are young adults, if adults can use power tools, motors, and other mushroomish crap so can we. If we have to sign out liability crap for field trips why not power tools? i have four kids i no from a academically talented thing, one is in algebra 2 im sure, another has a dad that entered a battle bot in the sanfransico tournament for colledge and he nows alot bout that, another thats great and can build bacically anythin if he has enough time and resources, and me. C'MON STUCK UP ADULTS THINK BOUT THAT!!!!

-- Brandon (Flameviper6@yahoo.com), April 29, 2003.

O.J.'s using engines. they built motorized mud scooters wed.

-- Bryan Corfman (bryan@corfman.com), July 24, 2003.

hey im 14 im a junkie and sit there watching junkyard wars and sometimes i turn it to monster garage or american chopper watching paully and vinnie building another bike. now what we need to see is some kids on t.v putting thier minds together and making something neat. i hear people sitting thier talking bout how teens dont do much in their teen years thts because we cant its always the adults. i think people in agreement should at least fight for out rights to appear on junkyard wars NOW THATS WHAT I CALL A DREAM COME TRUE.

-- blair young (blair136627@aol.com), July 24, 2003.

yeah if they do let me in im 13 ibuild go cartds and mini choppers call me if they do 706-660-9881

-- cody cloud (bigpimp12597@netscape.com), November 19, 2003.

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