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I have just started playing with the creation of VCD and have gotten to the point where I can make good VCDs, but I was unable to make menus.

I then got i-Author and started working on creating menu systems, but when I tell the application to create the image, I get the following error: "Error 10002: File E:\VCD\1.mpg is not a track format.

I am using VideoWave 3.5 to export to VCD MPEG-1 and the footage is brought into the computer through the FireWire port on my DV camera.

Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance, Brian

-- Brian (, January 07, 2001


In most cases, using say, VP4 or WinOnCD, menus are still images either *.bmp or *.jpg that you yourself create first. You import these images into the authoring s/w, and it invisibly encodes it into a still MPEG file that will later appear as itemxxxx.dat in the SEGMENT directory of the finished VCD. You can also use a correct White Book *.mpg track for menus but since still images are the only instances we can use hi-res for VCD no-one passes the opportunity up. Maybe I-Author is also like VP4, where, when presented with an already-encoded MPEG still for a menu, it gets rejected. Try importing conventional *.bmp or *.jpg files into I-Author for menus. For high-res they should be 640x480 (NTSC) or better, always 4:3.

-- MT (, January 08, 2001.

Well I don't think that the file in error is with the menu backdrops themselves (my fault for not pointing that out). The file that is in the error message refers to the actual VCD movie file that I am trying to place on this disk.

Though the resolution settings are really helpful!!

Thanks, Brian

-- Brian (, January 08, 2001.

You can't make VCD's with I-Author, only SVCD's. And with them you can't put the mpeg 2 file right into it. You need to make it an .mps file by using the mux program included with I-Author. E-mail me if your confused.


-- Jeff (, June 03, 2001.

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