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-- Anonymous, January 07, 2001


Where to start about the BOE meeting?

Maybe Maureen, Jim and Curry will add details...I'm feeling a bit rushed for the full story...Before i forget...Jim has asked and i'll follow up (you knew i would, didn't you, Jim?): anyone want a STAND meeting? I'll host if we can agree on a date...

meeting report: Very forceful support for beleagured (sp?) Kathy Aley by about 75 union folks...Marino gave a great recap of the bullying session with her by Doan and Millman which was reported well in today's Freeman...Got a standing ovation...they went into exec session (over marino's and meg's objection as usual)

reports on parking regs...students brought up some oversights in that the entrance planned is narrow, gets blocked by snow drifts...no enforcement of the regs, etc. The Doan plan not too well received. His bullshit (pardon me) about it being a liability for the school, if students car-pool was shown to be false by a real lawyer's reply to Hal's reqwuest for info...wannanbe loses again.

Students presented their plan for seating a member on the board...Sounds good to me.

Hal presented the policy for cameras on the bus...wanted it to be the first reading, but JD objected..wants time to study it..wanna bet he tries to add that Board members can see the tapes? That was conspicuously (sp?) absent from the policies as presented...the tapes were to be treated as protected student records.

Other lesser stuff...until late in the meeting...

Meg wanted to know exactly who authorized the "free speech" issue that the special counsel was investigating. Silence reigned...Marty denied having authorized it, and the twins of terror only would say when the report came out we would know more. They claimed not have had any meetings with the counsel yet, but one would be held "soon". That was fun...they were embarassed and we need to hold their feet to the fire on investigating of "free speech" issues.

Wanna bet they don't announce the meeting with the counsel before-hand as Marty "promised" they would?

Meg also asked that all requests for information by board members be asked at meetings, not demanded in faxes, calles, etc. between meetings...she said board members should file FOIL request like other mortals if they needed other stuff from the "records" when they are not convened in a proper "public" meeting. I'm getting ready to blow the whistle to the Ed Commis. on JD's improper requests for staff records (not allowed except to be read by the whole board in a meeting to review for a specific reason...promotion, etc.)

That's it for me...sorry for the rushed typos, etc. Tobe

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

Morning all. Why can't I find the Freeman article on their website?I'm too foggy this am to get too carried away about the mtg. ,but gotta tell you , guess who we saw at Mt.Side after his early exit? Our beloved Mr. Vanacore having a little tete a tete with Glenda Mcgee!~~Love the fun. Clare's and FP came in later to join. No fireworks.I'm ready for a Stand meeting and I promise I'll do my best to behave.If it doesn't seem to preposterous , what about co-writing some letters to the editor.Anyone who wants can sign on. Not nearly enough people know how nutty this is getting . Biglove2mm

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

Yesterday is the date Office of Civil Rights was going to contact Millman, any idea how this went?

Charles Yow mediate@goldinc.com

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

How's Thursday night at 7PM at our house to meet and greet? If it's no good...tell me when and where? All in? Tobe

The "free speech" issue has to do with the special counsel billing the district for his time to date, and an item on the invoice was 2.5 hours "researching free speech issues"...no more detail...when Meg asked what it was about at the last meeting there was thunderous silence...she and marino wrote to the counsel asking what it was about, asking for all logs and notes regarding the issue he's researched...no answer yet. So, last night Meg brought it up again....they looked very pained..no one would admit to directing the counsel to research free speech...they tried to say you'll find out when his report comes out...Meg wouldn't back down, and they still wouldn't cop to it, so she said I guess he's just doing it on his own, acting without direction..eh?

Fun fun fun.

Hope to see everyone Thursday nite. Tobe

-- Anonymous, January 09, 2001

The report by Cynthia Werthamer in today's Freeman online. Polite reader comments welcome online, as always. Remember that they don't transfer these online remarks for consideration as letters in the paper edition, so if you want to say something loud and clear, send another in as a formal letter to the editor. Wonder how long it will take Barbara Clare to post a rebuttal?

SHOKAN - An Olive town justice has found a Hurley man guilty of harassment for grabbing a newly elected Onteora school board member by the collar, but imposed no punishment, saying both men acted inappropriately. Onaje Benjamin said Tuesday he will appeal the decision against him.

Town Justice Vincent Barringer found Benjamin guilty of second-degree harassment, a violation, for taking hold of Fred Perry's collar after a hotly contested Onteora budget and school board vote on May 16. Benjamin contended he approached Perry after Perry had made a comment to Benjamin's wife, Donna Boundy, to "take your mascot and shove it up your ass," with their two young sons nearby.

The reference was to the district's Indian mascot, which Perry favored reinstating and which Boundy, a losing board candidate, wanted abolished.

"This court concludes that if Mr. Perry did in fact make this comment, it was in very poor taste and shouldn't have been said," Barringer wrote. "But that did not constitute a crime, we do have freedom of speech."

Defense attorney Robert Ricken had asked Barringer to dismiss the case on the grounds that, if the action was harassment, Benjamin was justified in rushing up to Perry and telling him "not to do anything like that again." In his decision Monday, Barringer refused to dismiss the charge.

"Mr. Benjamin by his own admission did take hold of Mr. Perry by the shirt collar," the judge wrote, adding, "This act certainly was alarming to Mr. Perry."

But he did not impose any fine, community service or other penalty against Benjamin. Instead, he conditionally discharged the case, with the condition that Benjamin obey an order of protection to stay away from Perry for six months.

"This court feels that this incident was unfortunate and could have been avoided by all parties involved, and hopes that everyone can now move on to the job of educating our children appropriately," Barringer wrote.

Benjamin said, "I'm proceeding with the appeal to county court, because I'm not guilty, and everyone who testified for him lied through their teeth. He was verbally and physically abusive with my family. I'm not one to keep things going, but this is scary to me."

Perry and five others testified at last month's trial that he never approached Boundy the night of the election. Six for Benjamin's side said otherwise.

Following a school board meeting Monday night, Perry said he was unfairly portrayed as the person charged with a crime.

"There was one side of the story that was all wrong, but justice prevailed," he said. "The plain and simple truth is that I was not on trial, Mr. Benjamin was, and the decision came down that he was guilty of second-degree harassment."

Perry said he felt vindicated by the ruling. "I'm happy that it's over with," he said. "The man created an act of violence in the school, in front of kids, and the judge ruled on it. I think it's time to move on because we all have better things to do."

Correspondent William J. Kemble contributed to this report.

The hidden Onteora piece today is at this little nook

I see that Millman says the 3 person committee formed to assist Kenneth Starr has not met in the 3 months since it was formed. Good thing we weren't waiting on a mascot aesthetics committee to oversee things...

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

New mascot book coming out next month: Team Spirits: The Native American Mascots Controversy.

Did anyone ever get to read Dancing at Halftime?

-- Anonymous, January 10, 2001

Racist newspaper found in Knights of Columbus hall by Brownie Troop in Washingtonville. Times Herald-Record

The hills are alive, with the sound of ... music?

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001


The Committee of 500 Years of Dignity and Resistance and the Racial Justice Ministry Team of the Justice and Witness Ministries, United Church of Christ, are co-sponsoring a conference to be held on March 31, April 1, 2001 at the Cleveland State University. CEU's will be offered. The conference is entitled "Racism and Contemporary Genocide" and will focus on racism issues of the Indigenous Peoples, specifically, that of the use of names such as Indians, Warriors, Braves, Redskins and others, and the use of negative imagery, mascots and logos. This is the third annual conference speaking to issues of hate and violence, and racist images in popular culture. This year it will feature speakers in the area of issues in education and unlearning negative stereotypes, negative stereotying in the corporate world, and psychological impact to children's psyche. Dr. Mary Clearing-Sky, Ph.D (Psychologist) is a featured speaker, as is Sister Pat Marshall, stockholder/activist and a Sister of the Blessed Sacrament.

Invited speakers and guests include Dr. Cornell Pewewardy, Charlene Teters, Vernon Bellecourt, Susan Shown Harjo and the list is still growing. In addition, the second day will feature workshops on how to organize, how others have "tackled the hot issues," and how this continuing use of negative names and images affects our younger generations. A social on Saturday evening (March 31) includes a feast, drumming, singing, give aways and poetry or other readings. The morning following the conference, April 2nd, is opening day for the Cleveland ball team, and there will be an annual protest and march that has, in the past, attracted up to 500 people from the Cleveland area, colleges and universities that have like issues, and other activist groups. Call 216-736-3725 for regis. information, or e-mail Ferne clements, conference registrar, at clementf@ucc.org to get on mailing list. Conference fees are very nominal, free housing on first come basis and a few scholarships for college students will be available.

This may be of interest to people willing to travel to Cleveland///also a model for a conference we might consider.

A reminder that Sunday night at 7PM at the Wood Comm center will be a celebration of MLK Jr's birthday. Among other themes will be our favorite...the mascot... Tobe

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Now here is a cool mascot!:

The syracuse system shakers are the radical cheerleaders of syracuse, ny and syracuse university. we started in september of 2000. we cheer about issues like veganism, anti-sweatshops, anarchy, anti- capitalism, animal rights, and anything else we feel we need to voice and shout out! our mascot is rosie the resistor and our colors are black and magenta. email us if you want us to help you fight the power at your event! RA RA...Revolution NOW.

-- Anonymous, January 11, 2001

Does anyone know what is going on at Phoenicia School that is of current interest to the Office of Civil Rights?

Charles Yow CYow@Yowlaw.com

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

Only the past allegations which Milman's wife made several years back.

-- Anonymous, January 12, 2001

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