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One day while playing Archmage, a mage known as Siva decided to start a guild. With help from a mage known as Saldea the guild began taking shape. The guild's intentions would be to get new mages on the right path to victory. Of course, veterans of Archmage would be welcome to join the guild and could act as teachers/guides to the newer mages. Together, as one, the members of the guild would pave a path to the top of archmage where they would sit for resets to come. Using only knowledge and strategy, the guild would join the ranks among the top guilds of all-time. Siva and Saldea then decided, "The name of this guild shall be The Guardians of Peace." The two mages looked down upon their creation and said that it was good. However, unlike some creators, Siva and Saldea did not rest the next day (or the seventh day). There is still a world of work for the two wise mages, such as recruiting and bringing his guild to the top of Archmage.

-- Anonymous, January 07, 2001

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