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Robert says, "Give George a chance".

If you guys respect Robert at all, you will do as Robert asks.


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-- Dan Hollis (goemon@blort.invalid), January 07, 2001


There's no reason for us to give him a chance. If we don't like him then that's that and they should put Robert back on as soon as possible.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 07, 2001.

Richard, There are two shows now. Junkyard Wars, in the states, with George and Cathy. And Scrapheap Challenge, in Britain, with Robert and Cathy. Watch the one you want . This season has been taped in advance so you can't just get rid of George. I think where they confused some people was when they started showing the British series over here to introduce it to America, they called it Junkyard was really scrapheap with a different name. I'm pretty sure that both shows will broadcast over here throughout the year. I'll watch both! I can't get enough no matter who's hosting. Hell I have friends sitting around me cracking more jokes than George during the show.

-- John Gap (, January 07, 2001.

Well said,John! I'm sure that the writers for the show had something to do with George's image and will most likely rethink that for the new series RDF is taking aps for right now.It says on the JYW site the new series will be shot on the west coast,and when asked point blank RDF niether confirmed or denied that,so I'm inclined to think that could be true.Think about the logistics of getting Robert from the UK to the west coast and back to shoot both shows AND the other obligations I'm sure he has to fulfill.....the jet lag alone would beat you into a blubbering dolt!Regardless of what anyone says on this board,RDF IS watching (why do think they put this board up in the first place!?)

-- The Zipper (, January 07, 2001.

But, Cathy isn't American. Why not replace Cathy also with someone we could relate to? I think Robert wanted too much coin.

-- Ben Goodman (, January 08, 2001.

Because, this is Cathy's show. It is her idea, and she represents the science behind the whole thing.

-- Chris Rake (, January 08, 2001.

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