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I'm like many people, I can't stand the new host George. If you _must_ have an American host for the American show, why not pick someone like GEO from "The Nerds." He's a "geek" (positive) like most of us who watch the show. George is just a plain idiot and doesn't seem to understand a simple machine. Also, his voice and attitude is one of the most annoying that I've every seen.

If you can't get Robert, get GEO.


-- Alex Haywood (, January 06, 2001


George reminds me of those guys on ESPN who host the X games and similar events.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 07, 2001.

HMMMMMMM>>>>Personally i thought GEO was the most annoying person on the whole frikin show!!!!!!!!

-- kevert (, January 07, 2001.

Geo is HOOOOOOT! I wanna see much more of him. Looks v. sexy in a wetsuit! Is he taken????

-- Annalisa (, January 09, 2001.

Geo would make a better host than George.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 09, 2001.

Refresh my memory... was it Geo we saw snap at one of his team mates? I can't remember who it was, I just remember thinking, "How Rude!"

-- Rhonda (, January 09, 2001.

geos name is george, too :) just a side comment

-- brian jordan (, January 09, 2001.

Yeah that scumbag got mad at all his teammates and took all the credit and he is really annoying.

-- Ryan elliot (, January 10, 2001.

I think that Geo WHOULD make a goooooood!, host I rember that funny name "fraze" they had him repete. But I realy liked that whole Team! Sorry about typing errors I recently cut my left index finger cut off and had to have it reatached.

-- Aaron M. Brown (, January 11, 2001.

OK, I am from Europe and i'am 3 years behind! Nevertheless, I wanna say (to whom actually, ??? this site seems a bit dated! Are you reading this? Mail me! ;) ) That I am a big Geo-fan. I think the gestimator reallly rocks. Man, he is so all-round. He can dive, he can weld, he can guess sizes and distances (sometimes a bit late, too late, like in the round they made that submarine) and being connected to MIT (No idea what MIT stands for, but besides that, it name is known till a place like Schoonhoven in Holland, where I am from( which on its turn is known for it's silverwork btw) ). Which brings me to one disapointment I have about the Nerds (except for losing the final against those brothers-in arms (great name btw, for three brothers, all emploeyd in/by the army "Get me a cup of coffee, this is an order", when being on a birthday-party) ), and that dissapointment is about the "so-called-sub". It stunk. This was no sub. this was, this was.. Is there an a name for except a illigaly- human-powered-piece-of-rust???

Wow man, I out of breath. Finally an opportunity to speack about my "Idol" Geo.

Greetings from the Netherlands, and hoping to hear of a Nerd-team- member once (or maybe another fan)

Nils van Teijlingen (11-23-1973)

-- Nils van Teijlingen (, December 17, 2003.

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