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I have been watching this awesome show for about three months now, and it is the best thing on television! We schedule around it! As a seventh grader, I am learning soooooo much about physics, and machines, and everything! When did this show start in the UK? What was the first challenge? Has it always had the same hosts?

Looking forward to a reasponse, Linus Girl

PS- I always root for the mechanics and bikers!

-- Kit Shields (, January 06, 2001


Take a look at The NERDS homepage for a comrehensive list of episodes back to the beginning a few years ago.

Hope you have an hour of more to spare!

-- Michael (Canadian P. Eng.) (, January 06, 2001.

To simplify the issue it the history is as follows. 1) The VERY FIRST show was UK and it was a 'pilot show' to test the feelings and feedback and I beleive they built a hovercraft

2) The first SERIES (UK) consisted of two team that appear every week and each week has an 'expert' guest

3) The second series (UK Scrapheap)consisted of two different teams for each program in a knockout prelim/semi/quarter/final showdown.

4) The third series (UK Scrapheap) was in fact the last UK series that the RDF television crew filmed during the middle of 2000 and it was also a knockout round as above.

5) Immediatley after the UK third series was filmed they then filmed the first DEDICATED Junkyard Wars series with American contestants only. This is the series that has begun to be shown in the USA withthe new presenter. The new presenter George came with the specifically American version and it was not a question of why not Robert because it was always intended to be aimed at the US audience.

6) The RDF people ARE intending to film a new Scrapheap AND Junkyard series. This means that the next programs to be filmed will be the fourth UK Scrapheap series and the second specific US Junkyard series. We all have a lot of great viewing to come for all of us. You guys on the USA side of the pond are lucky at the moment because you got to see many of the previous UK Scrapheap shows during the 'Thanksgiving Day' marathon and us poor sods in the UK have not seen any of your Junkyard programs at all yet. Were hoping though !

7) ........... well we shall leave it at that .... FOR NOW !

Best regards to everyone Scrapheapers and Junkyarders alike.

Steve G Expert for the Chaos Crew and deigner of the 'Muncher' Expert for the Megalomaniacs and designer of the .... 'you'll see'

-- Steve G (, January 06, 2001.

We talked to the show's producers while we were in London, and she told us that she went to see the movie "Apollo 13" and was inspired by the way they worked out the air filter problem. That is where the idea for the whole mess began. I look forward to seeing every episode at least a few times, and tape each one so that I can watch it over and pick out the details. Hope this answered your curiosity, and it is great that you are learning from the shows. The object is to make learning fun. Waddy/Rusty Juveniles/expert (I used to be a pert, but retired from it)

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 06, 2001.

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