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Can we build the list of advertisers to boycott here?

-- Joe Debicki (, January 05, 2001


LOL. Boycott? All 5 of you?

-- Luke (, January 06, 2001.

All they have to do is keep using no-talent american hosts and build the same old machines. Then people will get bored and watch something else.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 06, 2001.

I believe the rule of thumb is 100 people for every 1 that makes an attempt to contact a company. That is to say that for every person on the petition (now at 40) there are 100 people watching at home with the same opinion. So approx. 4000 viewers think the same way as us. Or, could it be a 1000:1 ratio for TV audiences? You'll have to ask the producers if they ever bother to respond.

-- Joe Debicki (, January 06, 2001.

Actually, Internet forums are totally, utterly, almost tragically nonrepresentative of the real world.

If they weren't, well, we'd all be talking about President Nader's Cabinet appoinments, and then we'd throw a quarter to Regis Philbin as he begged for change. (Shame that "Regis and Kathie Lee" killed his career, no? I didn't even know a television show could receive a *negative* share....)

-- YCDK (, January 06, 2001.

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