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They Americanized JW and now it positively stinks!!! George is too goofy, he's cornball, stupid and ignorant.

'Ask me who will win one more time, and I will cram that dumb look up your ass, seriously.'

They really turned it into a slackjawed affair too!! Punkin? Do you not mean, 'Pumpkin?' I mean they totally dumbed it down! Yeehaw Cletum, this is some good chunkin' fun, heeyuck. Get those damn Yanks out of there!!! Go away! As much as you they don't want to admit it, the universe does not revolve around the United States, bring back 'Scrapheap'! Argh!!! I'd hate to say this, but that was very difficult to watch on Wednesday.

-- Skeelo (, January 05, 2001


Oh, yes but as an American, I forgot that the planet DOES revolve around England.

I agree, I hate George too. I enjoyed Robert, and I enjoy Cathy tremendously. Their chemistry on camera far exceeded any pair of hosts that work in this country.

As for the "punkin" word; that is how it was coined by the "creators" of the "sport". We, as Americans, are WELL aware that it is pronounced pumpkin!

I enjoy the show, and I was very happy to hear that Americans and Canadians were finally going to be able to participate. If the shows producers were willing to fly us "yanks" over to film the show on your turf, fine! Just don't be so selfish by keeping everyone other than those from the UK out if it...

-- Auryn (, January 05, 2001.

The name on our cannon; "Acme Punkin' Musket #1" was derived from the name of our worlds champion human powered "Punkin Chunkin" team "The Acme Melon Musketeers" ( acme refrence to Wile Cyote of WB cartoon fame") and "Melon Musketeers" because watermelons are what we normally shoot with our air cannons, and "Punkin" to honor the "judge" for the show, Bill "Broad Dog" Thompson's name for the sport of hurling pumpkins. The current record for human powered "punkin chunkin" is now at 1,334 ft with an eight lb pumpkin, using the power input from one human for two minutes. For unlimited class machines it is 4,109 ft. Not a high tech thing, but it takes a lot of real world experimentation with big and heavy toys, and the dedicatation to haul them with a team long distances to compete. It is the only thing that I can think of that is more fun than fishing and that other thing. The world revolves around the North and South Poles, not a place that I would be happy to live, as there is not enough junk there. Waddy, "Rusty's "

-- Waddy Thompson (, January 06, 2001.

Turn the sound down, hit mute or or watch you favorite soap opera. I've heard there's so MANY channels to choose from over there.

-- Dippy Cat (, January 06, 2001.

Hey Limey, pull your head out of your ass. Goeorge is gay, we al know that, but if you have a problem with "punkin chukin" dont ever rhyme, and just ignore it! it IS OOOOHHHHH so hard to ignore. hey for all you know the world revoles around Tiwan!

-- Aaron Casey (, January 07, 2001.

Aaron... Ah, there's so many mistakes in your message I'm not sure what you are trying to say. I guess it must be hard to type while you're in a straight jacket, huh?

-- Ben Goodman (, January 08, 2001.

Datsss funnny Ben, Gooud joke! about Arron! I trhink he's triien to sae George izzz gaey.......??????

-- John Gap (, January 08, 2001.

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