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I tried making a VCD with menus today, but the menus didn't work when I tried it in my DVD player.

Here's what I did:

1. Selected VideoCD Extended Editor

2. Inserted a Container

3. Made sure its properties said it was a VideoCD Container (not a slideshow container)

4. Double-clicked on it and added MPEG files

5. Recorded the VCD

The VCD was created and I was able top watch the MPEG on my (Sony DAV-S300) DVD player, but there were no menus. What did I do wrong?

-- Thumper Strauss (, January 05, 2001


You might want to check out They have some seriously great step by step walk throughs for making vcds. I think the walk through you will need is here (it's the walk through for Cequadrat VideoPack4 If you have just plain WinOnCD I know you won't be able to make menus. That's my problem right now. Good luck.

-- OverLord (, January 08, 2001.

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