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Many thanks for your participation on this forum. It's great to connect with the actual folks who were on the program. I had some miscellaneous questions perhaps one or more of you could answer:

- What types of tools are available for your use? What tools did you reasonably think you'd have at your disposal, but weren't available?

- Are cameras filming your every movement, or do the producers ask you to repeat interesting "momemnts" to get on film? It's hard for me to imagine the production company having 2 film crews taping the movements of each team simultaneously over 10 hours.

- How much tinker-time is available on the day of the the actual contest?

-- JV (, January 05, 2001


Tools, just about anything you could think of, I ofcourse love air tools, but, I knew that was not gonna happen. You just work with what is available and virtually anything you want is provided, except air tools. We had about 10 cameras going all the time, yes they do film every movement, ask Ray, he decided it was too far to go to the restroom, about 300 yards, and chose to take a leak behind a pile of junk, and the camera never got turned off. Another one for Ray he was asked to walk across a steel plate out in the junkyard 6 times so they could film the ripples in the water under it. That not making the show really set him off. Yes you are asked to do things over and over, or asked to wait till they get set up to avoid sparks destroying a camera lense, most of it makes sense. There are ofcourse the times when you just want to knock someone over, we are adults so we held back.After a couple of hours you get used to it and it is not too bad.


-- justjay-Captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (, January 05, 2001.

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