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I must say I'm suprised at how many J.W. fans feel nas I do.Also I'm very happy to see everyone voicing there discontent.This new formatt stinks!It's not just George the mtv boy who's messed it up it's the formatt also.Now we have an intro then a comercial then some show then mtv boy says stay tuned we'll be right back!Another comercial!I never thought of JW as a game show but now it's inescapeable!The U.S. government did a study during WW1 of American and Brittish troop eficiency.In the trench's the Brit's were far easier to keep organised the Amercan were almost impossible to keep organised.However when it came to attacking the American were far superior.See any correlation?I liked the show and I think most people liked the show because it was brittish.Having American teams was fine.American vs Brittish even better!But mtv boy,comercials every 5 minutes,stay tuned we'll be right back,and unsportsmanlike American teams is not what people especialy me seemed to like about the show!I will boycott all products and services advertised during JW and I invite all JW fans American,Canadian ,and Brittish to do the same.And yes I'm American.

-- Phillip Barrington (, January 05, 2001


Get a grip. There are no more commercials in the new version than were present in the past US airings of the UK show. The transitions are new, yes, but insignificant. Your rant about american vs. british troops is rather sad. Can we say knee-jerk?

"Hey everyone - they added a commercial break intro - BOYCOT!"

That ranks up there with

"Hey everyone - we lost - RECOUNT!"


"Some kid got shot with a gun - BAN ALL GUNS!"


-- Chris Rake (, January 05, 2001.

Well said Chris! Good grief, can you people just get over it?! Don't boycott the advertisers on the show, just don't watch it! Go away. There are still plenty of us who will, and most of us are telling friends and family to watch too. (They, by the way, have never even heard of Robert, and love the show anyway!) Can we just talk about something else already? This was a fun board until all of you started whining about George. Let's talk about new ideas, rehash all the great inventions, compare notes, and just have a good time! LIFE GOES ON!

-- Rhonda (, January 05, 2001.

> Can we just talk about something else already? > This was a fun board until all of you started whining about George.

Rhonda, the point is that George sucks. Let's get rid of George somehow, and then this will return to being a 'fun board'

-- Matt Rice (, January 05, 2001.

Yes we all have to sit through commercials, Here in the states I tune into The Learning Channel every week for JW. Suggestions to boycott all advertisers is your opinion as well, but how many of us actually purchase goods we see on TV? I dont run and order CD's or call Physics to tell you the truth, and I dont really think anyone else does, but if they do I hope you can persuade them to your side. Good luck Phillip and yes I do agree about the shows format and no I wont be calling the psycic friends net work to find the location of that ever so important Butterfly Valve, so add me to your list of JW fans. New York.

-- Scott Hickey (, January 06, 2001.

I, like everyone else, am a Big fan of the show.And Like many..I hate the new Version. The host.....the Music... The Attitude that I'm better then you(I saw this in the Dragster episode) But let's face it. This is new.I'm sure the producers will try to fine tune it next season. In The Meantime...Let's Lighten up and enjoy the challenges that the show offers. Be glad about the things they haven't done to it. My First horror was that they were going to make it like Wrestling....a bunch of beautiful woman walking around the Junk yard trash talking each other. So lets let it go.....Enjoy THe Junk yards show...Pray that they Bring Back the U.K. version for us to enjoy. No Matter what....I'll be watching it

-- JunkMan (, January 06, 2001.

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