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Where can I get free VCD burner software for my Phillips CDRW 800 drive for Windows98 OS.

I just bought the drive, and it came wih the Standard Edition of Easy CD Creator 4, which does not perform burns in VCD format. To get the Deluxe Easy CD Creator(which can do VCD burns) costs around $80.00. This is not an expense I was planning on.

Thanks Much, Marvin

-- marvin conn (, January 05, 2001


Got to the sony supressa (CD writer) web site. Down load the update software they have. It is not an update it is the full version of the CD extreme software. It's simple. No menus. No SVCD. but it works

-- bob senzig (, January 21, 2001.

Check out or Has good instructions and many great links. THe best way to burn VCDs or SVCDs, IMHO, is to encode with TMPEnc and burn them with Nero 5.5

-- its me (, April 01, 2001.


Go to the below link, and browse to the below little bit, you may find some interesting softwares which are free download and some of them are Trial version and some of them are freeware.

Actual website name is and then link. From the above site you may get trial version of NTI CD burner software which can burn Video's. Browse You may find some good stuff over there. If any one need help, forward this info to them. thanks, Christdoss

-- CY (, February 06, 2002.

want freeware & shareware....go to.... stuff...everything you'll need...cya

-- ROYBOY RULES (, March 16, 2002.

i want viedo cd writer software emedatily pls

-- harcharan singh (, December 23, 2003.

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