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Junkyard wars was my favourite show until just recently when they moved it to the states. Not only is my favourite component of the show, the host Robert, gone but also the funny british terms like "bodge". The english teams had way better sense of humour than these american ones. Now the N.e.r.d.s were okay because they were against british teams and also because Robert was still there. I'll still watch the show, because I like watching them build stuff, but I imagine it will start to get boring without Robert's funny comments. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move it back to the UK.

-- Jill Redman (, January 05, 2001


This season was filmed at the same location as last season and it's the same production company running the show. Members of several teams (The NERDS, Three Rusty Juveniles, and Art Attack) have posted here to that effect.

-- YCDK (, January 05, 2001.

Can someone tell me.preferably by email....Will TLC air the New U.K. Shows again or will we be stuck with the U.S. Version?

-- JunkMan (, January 06, 2001.

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