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I am looking to purchase a new monorail camera, I already own a Toyo 45a and a "F" so I would like to keep within the Toyo system, My question is weather or not the GX is worth the money over the GII? If you own this camera I would be interested in your review of it.

Thank you,


-- Malcolm Matusky (, January 05, 2001


Does the camera's size or weight matter? (The GX weighs roughly 1kg more than the GII -- 6.4kg v.5.5kg -- and is 57mm taller.) Do you need base tilts in addition to axis tilts? (The GX has both whereas the GII has only axis tilts.) Or a built-in depth-of-field indicator? (The GX has one and the GII doesn't.) Or perhaps yaw-free movements? (Again, the GX has them and the GII doesn't.)

If so, then you should go with the GX instead of the GII; if not, the GII should meet your needs just fine as the two cameras are identical except as noted above.

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, January 05, 2001.

as the previous answer stated, the main difference is the yaw free base tilts on the GX. while these are nice to have - especially if you are doing mostly tabletop - they are not necessary. i know many pro still life photographers who can afford (easily) the GX but use the G and don't care about base tilts. if you're concerned about money don't get the GX or the GII, just get a used G (there are always several very good examples on the used market for about $1000 to $1500). the only differences between the G and GII are the knobs - rubberized on the GII - and the color of the rail and front and rear "U" frames - chrome on the G, all black on the GII. to me this doesn't justify a $1500 difference.

-- adam friedberg (, January 05, 2001.

According to a price list I have dated June, 1990, Mamiya -- Toyo's US importer -- offered a GII knob upgrade for G-series cameras; they also offered an upgrade to the GX yaw-free base tilts as well.

I don't know if either of these upgrade services is still offered but if they are, buying a used 45G instead of a 45GII or 45GX and having it upgraded might be a more cost-effective means to an end. I have a 23G, a 2x3 version of the 45G, and it's great camera, albeit a little on the heavy and bulky side.

-- Jeffrey Goggin (, January 06, 2001.

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