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I have a chance to buy a 200' roll of 5" Panaonic-x film. They said it was like technipan film. Does anyone have any insight into what developer to use,times and what resolution to expect. Thanks, Doug

-- Doug Theall (, January 05, 2001


Panatomic-X film used to be Kodak's finest grain conventional black and white film and responds well to standard D-76 or D-76 1:1 treatment. It is not as fine-grained as "technipan" (?) but it does have conventional tonal response. Times for processing should be approximately similar to those for Plus-X. Run a test. It should also respond well to the new X-tol developer. Its grain is not that fine by today's standards and T-Max 100 is certainly better in all respects. Even ten or twenty years ago, Panatomic-x was not as good as Ilford's Pan F.

-- David Kaufman (, January 05, 2001.

Doug...I believe Panatomic-X has been out of production for many years...You are probably buying VERY outdated film.

But what a film it was... I must disagree with the previous post. Panatomic-X developed in Microdol-X allowed me to produce some fine images... the grain and tonal separation was outstanding. I personally would use it over TMax anytime!

If you need, I may be able to find some 30 year old processing papers and forward the information to you. Try it in Kodak's Microdol- X developer and let me know the results...

-- David Richhart (, January 05, 2001.

very similar to the new kodak catatonic-x film...

-- jnorman (, January 05, 2001.

Doug, I bought a 1000 foot roll about 5 years ago, it is still as good today as when I bought it, and it was 20 years old then. I use PMK and and SD-1 pyro developers, most of the sheet film today is .007 thick, the old Panotomic-x Aero is .0025, I think the Panotomic that is stll made is .004 thick. I am in VA. right now butI will be back home tomorrow, if you want more info on developers, contact me. I also think that Panotomic was a better film than T-max. Pat

-- pat krentz (, January 05, 2001.

Panatonic-X is still available (per Kodak's web site) but this is an Aerographic film and not the same film we got in 35 mm, 120, and (ages ago) 4x5. This does have extended red sensitivity (like Tech Pan), but I think it's continuous tone where Tech Pan was intended for very high contrast.

You can check out Kodak's info at: 72/ti1172.shtml

I wouldn't want to cut 5" down to sheets or roll sizes, but maybe you would.

-- Charlie Strack (, January 05, 2001.

Doug, I bought a roll of this on Ebay and have been completely pleased. I'm using ABC+ pyro developer and the grain is so fine it's hard to focus the darn stuff. 5X7 negs are costing me about .17 cents. I had heard that it was "flat". Not so! It comes to life in the Pyro and I have a hard time getting 6 minute dev times. Have to drop the temp to 66 degrees for 6 min. Kodak's web site has all the poop on it. It is a pain in the neck cutting it for the holders. 4X5 is harder to do than 5X7 but it sure makes beautiful negs. Hope this helps. Jim

-- Jim Galli (, January 05, 2001.

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