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I have no degree from MIT. I was used as a tool by my brother in rebuilding cars in the 1960s. I know how to rebuild a starter motor ON-SITE, I know how to overhaul a domestic head with proper torque, and I know how to pump up an engine that is dying from low oil pressure. If needed, I could learn how to pull a clean bead in welding. WHAT DOES IT TAKE to qualify for Junkyard Wars?


-- Charles Austin (, January 05, 2001



-- Dpry (, January 05, 2001.

Someone on your team must, MUST, know how to weld just about anything. I've been welding since I was 13 and Ray is a very good welder. Fill out your applications very honestly and if between the three of you you can't come up with very good ratings in all catagories I would think twice about applying. JustJay

-- justjay-Captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (, January 05, 2001.

Charles,I'll have to say that the most important factor here is confidence in yourself and your team mates.No one knows everything,so knowing what your strong and weak points are is most important when building a team.Look at the build a team page to get an idea of the type of people interested in this show (you'll see mine there as well) I'm what my associates and I refer to as "a well rounded idiot".I've had some college,but would't bet the farm on what I learned there.Just because you have a college degree,does'nt mean you've got a lick of common sense.I knew a local guy here that was finishing off his Phd in engineering who did'nt even know how to turn off the gas meter at his house! (no offence to you college grads...I do have a good deal of respect for the hard work it takes to make it through!) I guess what I'm trying to say is this.....if you're thinking of sending an application,think no longer and just do it! That goes for everyone who's got that thought that either posts to this board or stops here to read.The clock is ticking,and the deadline for sending in the ap is Feb 16th! Don't be afraid of the rejection thing,because at the very least you had the guts to apply.I was first contacted last year when RDF was looking for teams and experts,but it wasn't in the cards for me because I had to many other obligations to fill.I've watched this message board grow from nothing to it's now huge size with many daily posts. I decided to get a team together to apply for the next season and as soon as I get a definate answer from my third member,we'll be making our little "flick".BTW,to "just Jay" and all the other team members from this season,it's great to see you post to this board,as I really think your interaction can answer a great deal of valid questions that veiwers and applicants may have.I hope to see more team members post as we see more shows!

-- Matthew Kenney (, January 05, 2001.

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