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I really was hoping some of you had watched the shows last night, and had as much fun watching as we did making them. I'm really sorry you don't like George. I sure wouldn't have let that take me out of the shows. I guess I have mellowed a little. JustJay

-- justjay-Captain-Three Rusty Juveniles (, January 05, 2001


You guys (and your young punk competitors) were a blast! An agonizing, slow-motion blast... I hope your teammates didn't take it too personally when I shouted "Run, dammit! Your time is running out! This is no time to walk everywhere!" while they were scrounging.

-- YCDK (, January 05, 2001.

As I have told Jay privately, I really liked the Juveniles. They built a fine machine. My SO even found them cute. (really)

While I don't care for George, he is orders of magnitude better than the crew on "battlebots"

I didn't like the young guns, seemed like they were still living their fraternity days. But having seen what they did to us, unfriendly editing can make anyone look like a twit. (and I did like seeing a hispanic on the team)

The US edits seem to leave out a lot of the clowning the teams did. For example, the brits got to see us yanks parachuting some candy into the brothers in arms (with a shout of "incoming") -- All the americans got to see was us tossing elbow pads at each other, and that only in a commercial. And they missed robert playing "royal taster" grabbing a triangle (it was toblerone) and doing a fine cyanide reaction...

Neither side got to see our "for sale" sign on the back of the beach boys steam car... (and we had agreed that whicever team lost would get shot with the sign on the machine). You can see it at the bottom of my steam car writeup.

I got a picture from Mike (Chicago fire) showing them dealing with the rarity of ice in the UK, by using the fire extinguisher to cool a can of coke.

-- Jeff - The NERDS (, January 05, 2001.

Hey, it looks like alot of people watched the show wednesday night. You guys (the Rusty Juveniles) were GREAT!! Ya'll built an awesome cannon, and got screwed on the ruling that the punk kids got 30 points for "hitting" the walls. The new host is actually really good - I laughed out loud a couple of times at his jokes. The problem is that this is Robert's show originally, and anything different will be a shock (like when Coy and Vance took over for Bo and Luke). Great show, keep it up!

-- John McNeil (, January 05, 2001.

The air cannon was great! With the accuracy of your elevated shot, I was surprised to see you didn't turn the "air cannon" into an "air rifle". If the barrel had been set to make a horizontal shot, the "castle" wouldn't have worried about bouncing pieces to get points; the castle would have been bouncing. The idea was awesome, the teaching points were great applications, and this entire program should be required viewing for middle and high school sciences classes. Or if you could have leveled the cannon at the new male host, he fits in like the Miller clown on Monday Night Football --- one good 8 pound pumpkin could have taken out the host and Miller. Great effort & a great show ---- true 100% effort.

-- Gene Garland (, January 06, 2001.

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