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Do you have an interpretation of my dream explain in, "The 10th Floor"? If so, please post it!

-- Indyana (, January 04, 2001


Well, I have some ideas...I dunno if it's anything concrete, but I will do my best. First of all....10 is considered a number of great power, much like 1, 3, 7, and 13. You may have heard me mention this before (I talk about it a lot) and stored it away in the back of your mind...but who knows? Anyhow. 10 is the square of the trinity (3) plus the square of the unity (1), which are both very powerful numbers...and together they make 10 - the PERFECT number. So 10 may have some symbolism in your dream to show that this is the perfect place to be, or that it holds something perfect...this maybe having to do with the Interact topic yesterday about living in a perfect world. The secret elevator implies that only select few people can get to this secret world and only your kindred spirits (the gifted people in your dream) could come with you. This also sounds very much like a Dante's Inferno type situation...a coming of age thing, or basically a journey into your past, your challenges, whatever. And the rest of the dream implies that your perfect world isn't as perfect as you think it is. First of all, you're going "up" to the 10th floor, but they tell you you have to come back up. You know how the circles of hell increase in number as they go farther down? Maybe the so-called "perfect world" is actually in the downward direction. Also, the fact that you were rescuing these people from your perfect world implies that you're afraid of the world in some way...that your friends might not be able to deal with it. Or just that they wouldn't like it and you'd feel bad for trying to make them like it. And I also think the authority figures represent the norms...they're trying to trick you into believing this prison is your perfect world, when in fact it's nothing more than another prison. And your friends know that....but you can't see it, and you're cocky about it because you don't let yourself be objective about the situation. Either that, or you know you have something going for you that nobody else knows about, and you knew full well what you were getting yourself into (which is also proved by the fact that you took the others with you instead of going alone). Anyhow...that's my preliminary time, keep a notebook by your bed!!!!

-- Lady Rose (, January 05, 2001.

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