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Was the season of junkyard wars that we are watching shown in the UK? And, are there only going to be american teams on this season? Cuz i love some of the brittish teams!

-- Ryley Felver (, January 04, 2001


I'm on the team "Art Attack" which will be on next Wed. Jan. 10th at 10pm. The american teams that you are seeing all competed this past year throughout September in London at the same scrapheap as all the other shows. Same crew and same producers. This series will not be shown in the U.K. until it has been shown in the U.S.

-- Duane Flatmo (, January 04, 2001.

its a shame about filming in England First eposode I saw was 3 Jan 01 really wanted to find the scrap yard an acquire the French 2CV car body.

-- c.o.lindsey (, January 04, 2001.

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