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Ok I have posted my fair share coments about the new US series and how it cant compete with the UK version, and yes I put my hits in on the new host. Its a new series, Junkyard Wars will get better with time, I personally cant wait until next week when the off road buggys race, that is going to be the coolest challenge yet. One aspect I noticed for the new show was that the American show is more fast paced, I will keep watching the show, I just hope that the 2000 champs, the good old megalo maniacs come back to reeck havock on our american buddies. So with all this hatred for the new host no one seems to care about some cool challenges, my friends and I where discussing High powered coffee perculators, everyone wants an espresso really quick, right?

And another really cool idea i had was snow plows, the us just got a crap load of snow dumped on it...

Finally dont forget rockets wouldnt that be sweet? something that the FAA would get a kick out of... feel free to throw some feedback this way...

-- david bellmore (, January 04, 2001


The rocket idea definately has potential...How about an excavating machine or bridge building like in the high school science fairs?

-- Bill Loegering (, January 04, 2001.

Good idea

-- john gap (, January 06, 2001.

Yeah, but all of these on a large scale, big and dirty! I think that is one of the things so appealing about the show... those dirty uniforms at the end of the day!

-- Rhonda (, January 06, 2001.

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