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I've read so many posts of people panning the new host. For myself, I don't really care who the host and hostess are, I just like to see people build cool things. I watch for the thrill of seeing people build something from nothing. The hosts are ancillary to the action.

But besides that point, does anyone know why he's not the host on the US show? Perhaps he didn't want to do the show? Perhaps he hates americans as much as some of the people posting here apparantly do and told the producers to 'sod off'.

As far as the show itself - it's still good. One of the shows last night (juveniles vs. young guns I believe) had a bunch of laggards there - wow - amazing how little the folks were running around the junkyard. Was good to see both their systems work though.

And the Chicago Fire team - was interesting to see all their 'big engine' 'tim allen grunting' 'big engine' 'my #$%^ is bigger than yours' attitude get knocked down a peg by the Scrap Daddy's little motorcycle engine. :)

It's also interesting to see how much the 'competition' aspect of the show is played out by the participants, or edited so we see it more, more in the US version than in the UK version.

Anywho, I'll be watching the next episodes next week!

-- yacko (, January 04, 2001


You are correct sir!

-- El Kid (, January 04, 2001.

Just so y'all know:

Robert Llewellyn is a famous British bloke who stars in a lot of things. He is currently working on the Red Dwarf movie, due out in May 2002. He also is a writer. He wrote Punchbag, The Man on Platform Five, Sudden Wealth, Thin He Was and Filthy Haired, and the Man in the Rubber Mask. He has a comedy direct to web broadcast and was the host of Junkyard Wars for a couple years. He is brilliant in all that he does. With all this going on, along with Platform Five going into production as a movie, he has been a bit busy. Visit his website at for more info. So we Americans shouldn't feel shunned if he didn't decide to host over here. He just is busy. Actually, he had a great time filming a pilot episode over here (Saw in interview or two). The series just didn't get picked up. He also enjoyed visiting Seattle.

By the way, for all of you out there who have never seen an episode of Red Dwarf, although it is definately an acquired taste, it is fabulous once you get used to it! He's far more delicious without the rubber suit, though. His books are a brilliant read for a rainy day, and most are available from If you want more info about Mr. Llewellyn, I can try to help you. Just e-mail me.

Julie (an American fan in Texas)

-- Julie (, February 26, 2001.

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