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Hiya Nigel & IoL, belated best wishes for a happy New Year to you and yours! Any new or up & coming developments on the musical side of life? Jim

-- Jim Green (jgreen@westclifflodge.u-net.com), January 04, 2001


Hi Jim,sorry to be slow but reasons there are a plenty. It is my age they tell me to expect to see the passing of family and friends but without going into all the details suffice to say the last 12 months have seen many of my friends and aquaintances including Isaac Guillory the guitarist leaving this planet for somewhere else depending on your view of the hereafter. Nethertheless these events have coloured the last few months somewhat. The water event meant me meeting the 'environment minister' Michael Meacher and more of that when the news and 'Jonse's diary' pages go up on the web site. There are to be some updates on the site soon and I have managed to get back to music work completing 'Ship To Shore' ready for re-release with 20 minutes of unreleased tracks and copious artwork. I am discussing re- release with a couple of companies. The new album 'Planet' will be awhile as it appears it has turned into a minimum of a 3 series release. Recording is still ongoing and although much of it is finished the final edits and mixes will still take awhile. The artwork will also take awhile. Watch out for website updates in the coming weeks and thanks for staying in touch. Best wishes for you and yours, Be happy, Nigel

-- Nigel Mazlyn Jones (iol@cerbernet.co.uk), February 11, 2001.

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