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I am looking for a less expensive piece of software for burning my CD's on my HP CD-writer. I have found one called Click n Burn that is supposed to do the job, but I am surprised that there has been no mention of it on this site. Before I spend the money .... Anyone out there with experience using Click n Burn for burning VCD's?

-- Tom Nelson (, January 04, 2001


Has anyone bother to answer the original question??? Tom, when/if you ever get a good reply can you forward it to me. I bought click'n Burn and I'm still trying to get a good video CD from it. My process is to get my files from my digital camera with Studio DV, and use click'n burn to make my CDs. I'm just trying to get my camcorder videos on CD to play on my DVDplayer(Sony) (or computer DVD player). I've gotten as far as being able to play it on my computer DVD player...but I can't seem to get the sound. My DVDplayer (Sony) won't recognize the disk (used both r&R/w). Anyone have any good ideas?

-- Shawn (, June 04, 2001.

Hi, I've used Click'n'Burn to make VCDs. The input file (AVI) must be converted to MPEG1 before running click'n'burn. Use tmpgenc version 12a which will convert your avi to mpg and chop the file up into sizes to fit on a CD - you have to set it to do thta it's not automatic. Make sure you get version 12a of tmpgenc. You can use any software you like to make your mpg I happen to use Tmpgenc and it works :-)

-- dennis goodson (, April 09, 2003.

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