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My family and I love to watch Junkyard Wars, however, last nights episodes were a disappointment. I watched the first episode hoping that the american host was a one time only deal. My kids even asked me "where is that crazy guy?" I told them I thought Llewelyen was probably sick or something and had to miss a taping. Then the next episode came on and that other person was still there. THE SHOW IS NOT THE SAME WITHOUT LLEWELYEN!!!!!! BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!! This is hard to say, but I am an american, but I can not stand to watch the american teams. The american's lack sportmanship and sense of fun. The British Teams really love what they do, and are excited about the outcome, even if the other teams win. They are a joy to watch. It is also fun to watch and listen to Robert Llewellyen. He looks at home in a junk yard and his facial expressions and exuberance give the show a special flavor. My kids love him. I have been telling eveyone I know about this show, and now you do this to me. Please go back to the old formula, DO NOT RUIN A GREAT SHOW AND FAMILY EVENT!!!!! You have something very special, don't blow it.

Roger Brackett Manchester, GA

-- Roger Brackett (, January 04, 2001


I think your message is the definitive one. I agree with every word. Whoever is responsible for this blunder better fix it soon. This show was skyrocketing towards great popularity but now it'll crash and burn if they don't make it good again.

-- Richard Manahan (, January 04, 2001.

Guys - are you not paying attention? The current series is the american-team version. As such, the format was modified to reflect an 'American' TV format. The producers grabbed an American host, added commercial transitions, and a end-of-the-show wrap up. The show is different. Whether it is better or worse, well, I'm going to wait for another couple of shows to see if the new host calms down.


-- Chris Rake (, January 04, 2001.

Iím jealous! Everything you said (in particular the part about the lack of sportsmanship from the American teams) I agree with and I wish that I could have said it as well as you.

Watching JYW is also a family thing for me. I watch it with my 14 year old son and my 12 year old daughter and we get a big kick out of it. The attitudes of the British teams and their respect for each other and their opponents were a very positive example for them. My son has an anti-yankie sentiment (weíre Canadian) that the American teamsí actions help to reinforce. Letís hope that the next teams are more fun.

Daniel Aubin ing.

-- Daniel Aubin (, January 04, 2001.

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