Lose the US series.. Bring back Robert!

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We need the Bodgers.. and Reliant Robins..! Seriously, the new series appears to be a US teamed re-run. I know that similar solutions to any problem are likely to be thought of by diffenernt teams, but it sure seems like the new series is just a re-hash ( one might say scripted, even) of the previous ones. Also lose the new host, he's not even funny.. I'll give it one more chance by watching next week, but if its not any better than this weeks, bye and thanks for the memories!

cheers hac

-- (hac@home.com), January 04, 2001


Yes bring back the old series! Robert needs to come back. and The new series seems like a total rip off it isnt even close to being funny. Bring in new challenges or something because the new season of junkyard wars sure needs a lot of help! I hope that the returning champs the Megalo-Maniacs come back and whoop the crap out of our american show. All in all this new series needs some work, and some new challenges, its not that hard to think of some nifty challenges. But this looks like another case of america taking over british shows, like "who's line is it any way", "robot-wars", and "who wants to be a millionaire?"

-- David Bellmore (matrix23@soltec.net), January 04, 2001.

You shod bring back the old apazods becose the new apazods are dam and stopied. They cod make bater chalingis. ore bring the old apazods back. Also lose the new host,he's not funny at all.bring the old giy back!

-- matthew (mattschutterle@yahoo.com), April 09, 2002.

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