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I've always been a fan if the old NASA documentaries, which demand the most extraordinary sort of ingenuity. Why not see a Junkyard Wars in which the teams are challenged to create RAIL GUNS capable of launching projectiles to penetrate a 6-foot block of concrete? Heh... Or maybe devise a manually-powered device to break bulletproof glass from a distance of 10 yards? Or perhaps manufacture a flying device that can traverse a microphone guantlet while producing the LEAST noise? }=] Hey, Junkyard Wars needs to HIRE me.


-- Charles Austin (, January 04, 2001


Great ideas, but in the age of technology and politics I think some government officials and the CIA, FBI, ATF and who knows what else might be tuning in. That sounds like the making of a revolution, and dont think that a flag would go up at the completion of a rail gun, anti-aircraftgun, bombs, and lets say cabin building 101 in the woods of Montana?

-- Scott Hickey (, January 06, 2001.

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