Were American Episodes Made in UK?

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To all appearances, the "American" episodes of JYW are made in the U.K. It's the exact same junkyard, the same landascape, the same testing grounds as the U.K. version. The only noticeable differences are the obnoxious American host (who is more of a VH1 type), and the American teams. I just WISH that, in reformatting JYW for Yankee Doodle appeal, the producers had NOT chosen to REMAKE old episodes of the U.K. challenges. The show has no credibility, really, when the American teams are REPEATING the mechanical designs from earlier U.K. episodes. Are these designs ENTIRELY SCRIPTED? Is there NO real ingenuity??

-- Charles Austin (Veiocity@aol.com), January 04, 2001


A) Already asked that question, the junkyard is the same. B) It's not scripted.

-- Jeremy Phillippe (cannabis@home.com), January 04, 2001.

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